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Mazzolari Vetyver: Vetiver as a Bete Noire

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This almost drove me mad. I sprayed a bit of it on at night before bed, and then promptly forgot about it. Then the next morning, I smelled something really good on my arm – like a cross between the soapy sandalwood from the far drydown of Slumberhouse’s Vikt and the horsey, slightly sweaty leather from Chanel’s Cuir de Russie. I spent half of the next day rummaging through my decants and samples drawer furiously trying to remember which sample it was that smelled so damned good. When I finally figured out what it was, I have to admit I was amazed. Because the heart of this particular fragrance was so off-putting to me I could not believe that something so good had come out of it. KEEP ON READING

How to Smell Like a Manly Man: Ron Burgundy Fragrances

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Ok, ok, so the title is firmly tongue-in-cheek. I am a firm believer in the concept of wearing what you like regardless of the gender designation of said fragrance. And men should of course wear what they like. I wear some masculines myself, among them Dior Homme Intense and Caron’s Third Man, and applaud any man who breaks out of the generic masculine mold to wear florals and gourmands.

But let’s say, hypothetically speaking, you want to deliberately project a certain type of Alpha Maleness to your immediate surroundings – well, you’d need a fragrance so incontrovertibly male that wimmenfolk would instinctively shrink away and lesser men would sniff the air around you and immediately hit the ground in a submissive position. Here is a list of fragrances that would do the job just fine. KEEP ON READING

Mazzolari Lui: Raging Beast or Purring Pussycat?

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beast grafiti

Mazzolari Lui is crazy sexy good. Yes, ok, technically it’s a men’s perfume (“Lui” means “Him” in Italian) and if you read the often hilarious reviews for this online, you will see an awful lot of male reviewers using words such as “virile”, “masculine” and “testosterone” which is akin to putting up big, neon signs reading, “Wimmen Folk Turn Back Now!” and pissing around it to demarcate the territory.

One review in particular on Basenotes had me writing to my friend, Sjorn, at Essenza Nobile, begging for a sample of Mazzolari Lui straight away. Written by a guy called Montagne, it opens with possibly the best first sentence ever written about a perfume: KEEP ON READING

Wonderfully Green – Bergamotto Mediterraneo by Mazzolari

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Bergamotto MediterraneoFounded in 1888, this prestigious perfume house is now in its third generation. With Mazzolari, you will get tradition, quality and class. You will also get packing that is just wonderful. Nothing flighty or fancy, this just whispers ‘class’ at you. Covered in what feels soft like velvet, you open the box like a book and the bottle just rests there. I usually just throw boxes out, but Mazzolari boxes, I will keep.

To try out Bergamotto Mediterraneo, I have definitely chosen the wrong time of the year. We have the middle of winter here, not a time when I would voluntarily choose a fresh green fragrance, but nonetheless – I really like Bergamotto. KEEP ON READING

Bond No.9 – New York Patchouli

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New York PatchouliI love Patchouli – full stop. I try to get my hands on as many Patchouli centered fragrances  as I can – to train my nose and to find the best one for me (any suggestions, please leave a comment).

I have been looking to try one of the Bond No. 9 fragrances for a while, so none better than the ‘New York Patchouli’ to start with.

First of all – I have decided to change my fragrance testing routine from now on. It will be the test strip first, before the back of my hand.  Talk about staying power or longevity, NYP has got to be the bench mark. Some rubbed off onto the sleeve of my jumper and the next day transferred from the sleeve back to the back of my hand and there it was, all over again. KEEP ON READING

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