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The ambrosial Mogadess by MariaLux

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Whoa…Now this is a shockingly interesting scent with a refreshing new concept in the back. Gourmand, but so different from all the rest. Personally I haven`t smell anything like this, therefore I`m enthusiastic to see that my search for an outstanding ambrosial scent is coming to an end. As the rest of the scents from this Dutch line, Mogadess was created by Alessandro Gualtieri (the nose behind the projects Nasomatto and Orto Parisi). It debuts deliciously with a hyperrealistic combination of orange and chocolate that instantly brought into my mind the flavours of a dessert called Orangettes which is made of candied orange peels dripped in dark chocolate. It smells like those heavenly aromas wafted from the kitchen where all kind of Christmas cookies are being prepared and kids are running through the house with chocolate on their nose tips. But as the Orangettes disappear very fast from the plate, same is happening with them in the scent. The combination of sugared orange peels coated in melted chocolate is fading regrettably fast. Maybe the orange essential oil is too volatile here and could not survive longer, but luckily the perfumer had the brilliant idea to infuse the composition with a serious doze of incense in order to extend a bit the life of the orange note. And it works! The essential oil that comes out when the peel of the fruit is squeezed carries some incense proprieties and in the perfume this two notes are making a winner team. So I`m happy the scent moves on coherently and cozy with the help of the outlined incense. It becomes gradualy complex and full of nuances from the whiffs of cinnamon powder sprinkled over resins in the base. I also get a note of a dried flower and from time to time hints of cocoa are coming back at the surface, making sure the scent does not lose it`s gourmand appeal. It has a moderate staying power and projects at a short distance from skin, being a kind of intimate scent for you to enjoy alone, like those dangerously good Orangettes I`m going to prepare for my guests me. KEEP ON READING

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