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I had a wonderful companion this Boxing Day. It was going to be a so-called “warm summer’s day” for Perth, 32 degrees, so no reason yet to pull out the heat-wave fragrances. I decided to use my new bottle of Gold Intensive Aoud by Mancera. I cannot say much to compare GIA to all the other oud fragrances on the…

I do dupes. Do you? You know the feeling. You have a sample of a perfume that takes your breath away. You want to snuggle into its warm embrace for the rest of your days. And then you take a look at the price tag. Erm, no. What am I, a human cash dispenser? If you’re anything like me, you…

These two new babies from Mancera were launched just in time to provide us a cool breeze in the summer heat. Packed in the same neat and elegant 120 ml bottles as the rest of the line, they are a real pleasure for the eyes too, but especially for the nose. Both are refreshing and totally different from one another.…

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