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Lorenzo Villoresi

Beauty and the Beast: M/Mink and Teint de Neige

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M/Mink by Byredo

A while ago, I wrote an article for Basenotes on the top ten niche fragrances that every beginner should sample. I got one comment from a guy that I must repeat here because it is (a) very funny, and (b) kind of indicative of how people perceive my, or other people’s taste. The comment read as follows:

“I don’t agree with the entirety of this list. It is not well-rounded at all. It seems this amazing writer has a fetish for burning rubber, smoking resins or charred flesh/leather with squirt of stale urine. I’m pretty sure there are some amazing niche fragrances that are on the more comforting, clean, snuggly, socially appropriate and less “trying so hard to smell like I don’t try (or shower) at all.” KEEP ON READING

[New Fragrance] Byredo’s Super Cedar – bottled Scandinavian Style?

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If you’ve ever been to Sweden in summer – no matter if you are male or female – I am sure you will have seen those blondes in their shiny white sundresses. If we translate this vision of loveliness into perfume, I guess most of us would think of soft skin fragrances, often flowery, musky, powdery and sheer –  perhaps like En Passant by Frédéric Malle, L’eau by Serge Lutens or Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi. However SUPER CEDAR, the brand new Byredo fragrance, also works just as well. SUPER CEDAR calls to mind images from Midsummer celebrations, late at night, when people express all their happiness and gratitude for the warmer days and a late sunset. Whilst a light flowery or sheer skin scent could capture the mornings and days of a Swedish summer, SUPER CEDAR is the late evening representation of this special time – socializing, whittling the hours away pleasantly and at complete ease, that feeling after the exuberant party as you cool down in the dying warmth of a summer night – simply, it is bottled Scandinavian style. KEEP ON READING

Here Comes the Sun: Ambre Nuit, Eau du Sud, and Eau Mer

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End Of The World - Dungeness Simon & His Camera / Foter / CC BY-ND

Ambre Nuit by Dior Privee

It’s no rarity in the niche world to have a fragrance name at odds with its contents. Le Labo is legendary for that, as both Rose 31 and Ylang 49 can attest to. Patricia de Nicolai’s recent Amber Oud was patently devoid of either amber or oud. And to many who have worn Ambre Nuit by Dior Privee, the same brush applies: where the hell is the amber?  Well, it’s there, friends, you just have to be patient, and perhaps shift expectations of what an ‘amber’ fragrance is. KEEP ON READING

This is a beauty secret you must know about!

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Sentifique - Daim Rouge
Sentifique - Daim RougeI have always been charmed by the scent of cosmetics. As a little girl I used to climb on a chair to reach the face powders of my mother just to sniff their subtle scent and I still remember very clear how lovely she smelled when we kissed goodbye every morning when she went to work. She always took great care of her face using good face creams, powder, grey eyeliner and lipstick usually in a rapsberry shade. At the door she gently pressed her lips on my hand leaving in that spot a rozy “tattoo”, and later in the afternoon she lifted me up with joy and I could smell a mixture of make-up and the fresh air impregnated in her hair and clothes. I`ll never forget that, so naturally I inherited some of her beauty routine. For example I`m a huge fan at the moment of Guerlain lipsticks, which besides their great shades they posses a diaphanous violet scent that I find to be so wonderful. Then I love the Caron loose powders – they are amazinlgy scented with rose essence and incomparable to any other powders I`ve tried in terms of quality. But even if my care routine looked complete, something was still missing: a perfume that smells like make-up. So a few years back I started to be interested in perfumes inspired by the distinctive scent around the vanity table, so I searched and searched and found there are so many compositions that evoke the smell of make-up.

So far I discovered the classic L`Ombre Rose L`Original made by the French house Jean Charles Brosseau, a fragrance that smells like a delicate rose scented body powder you apply on fresh washed skin; then there is the biggest powder bomb of all time, one of the most renowned scents that duplicate the smell of make-up – the formidable Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi which combines an immense dose of heliotropine with sugar and pink roses laid on an rich musky base, boosting every woman`s feminity to the max; one can also be seduced by the irresistible Lipstick Rose Frederic Malle that reminds instantly of a lipstick thanks to the mixture of tender violets and pink roses, creating an über-feminine effect – in my opinion this scent is so demonstrative, like Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to JFK; and I need also to mention the atmospheric fragrance Moulin Rouge made by the house Histoires de Parfums. That one not only smells like a lipstick, but also recreats accurately the entire smell of a Parisian cabaret – the cigarette smoke, the dust lifted by the girls dancing on stage mixed with hints of bitter absinthe…it is mysterious, dark and very tempting. These are my go to scents inspired by make-up, but recently I found another real gem that could complete a beauty arsenal: it`s called Daim Rouge and is freshly launched by the Swiss house Sentifique. KEEP ON READING

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