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Lolita Lempicka

Flashes of appealing simplicity

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I already gave a full review of my stand-out favourite of Andy Tauer’s Tauerville Flash range, Fruitchouli Flash, which turned out to be a happy modern peachy chypre that reminded me of Mitsouko. I have to let you in on a secret – I think Andy has had another little brush with the classic Guerlain fairy, more of which in a moment.

I’ve tried the whole range and overall I will say that I don’t think these fragrances have the complexity of Andy’s main line. However, this isn’t a complaint, because he has reduced his prices significantly with the Flashes and this must have an effect on the ingredients he uses. As a perennially skint perfumista, I applaud this. To be able to buy niche fragrance at high street prices is a wonderful thing. And of course, affordability also enables people like me to think about getting really funky with fragrance and layering, which is something I think the Flashes would be really good for. KEEP ON READING

Made of caramels and love: Xerjoff Casamorati 1888 LIRA

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Lira Casamorati

Until recently I was on an exhausting quest that prolonged for years for finding the impossible: a sweet and edible scent, but at the same time extremely refined, alluring, elegant AND not worn by everyone. And then I read about Lira (launched in 2011) and it sounded way to good and promising to be true. Well, the rumors and all the positive reviews proved to be true, and actually it exceeded my expectations. Many fume heads find Lira to be almost identical with L by Lolita Lempicka and Tendre Madeleine by Laurence Dumont which is fine and admirable, but at a closer look when I did first a side by side test (I own a small bottle of L purchased long before Lira and ordered a sample of Tendre Madelaine) it became immediately obvious that Lira not only smelled a lot better in comparison with her budget friendly sisters, but overcomes them also in terms of longevity and it filled the room with a divaesque presence that might be not so easy to top. So if you`re craving caramels and cookies of exquisite quality, home made more precisely done by talented hands, Lira gives you these with much more generosity, grace and style.

The charming character of Lira is based on a sunny and incredibly mellifluous blend of savory citruses, a fine lavender and a joyful bunch of fresh jasmines all laid lavishly on an impressive vanilla & cinnamon bed, being therefore an absolutely big gourmand scent. KEEP ON READING

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