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Short Reviews of New Launches (I)

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Having the chance to test some of the latest arrivals in the Perfume Land I was tempted to write short reviews about our first encounter. Here are my first thoughts and I m pretty sure that for some of the perfumes tested probably a deeper relationship will develop between us in the future.


The Beauty of Melancholy: Patchouli Boheme by LM Parfums

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Mountain Waterfall I`m not a big fan of patchouli centered fragrances because most of the time they are too overwhelming for me, but I have to say this one completely blew me away. It has all the necessary features to be called amazing: as a main ingredient the patchouli presents here the holy trinity of sweet, dry and powdery shades maintaining them in perfect balance, the scent is packed with mystery and drama and has that rare ability to carry me in a different time and place.

Patchouli Boheme is for me a tale about an enchantress. Her skin is green and glows under the milky white rays of the moon, her heart is black and full of regrets, her thin arms are ending with long fingers adorned with emerald rings and in her disheveled hair are shining tiny fireflies. She lives in the heart of an endless forest taking long walks during the night covered in a cloak made of woven thorny brambles and an old raven is keeping her company on one shoulder.

Usually she returns at the same place at a rock above a whirling waterfall were she lost her lover a long time ago. Her cries are swallowed by the noisy water and she stays there meditating until the first rays of the sun appear through the branches. Slowly, she loses then her steps through the dark thickets leaving a patchouli scent behind, dry and fascinating, of a boundless melancholy. It smells like a soul turned into powder, something beautiful lived and lost, of faded love and isolation. KEEP ON READING

Blind dates with scents – part II

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I`m continuing the sessions of blind tests, a new approach of testing fragrances I love to do these days. This means that while I test and write the reviews I do not know their names and official ingredients because I chose all the samples randomly and they have been previously wrapped in matte duct tape. I think it`s fun and it proves that our personal perception and judgement is all that counts. On a more personal level this helped me discover some compositions I thought I couldn`t enjoy before. And at the same time, it became clear that my nose might not be impressed at all if a fragrance is top notch if it smells…terrible.

Let the game begin… KEEP ON READING

Amouage Journey Woman and LM Parfums Ultimate Seduction: The Dangers of the Fruity-Floral

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Amouage’s Journey Woman opens with a radiant osmanthus – a delicate yellow flower famous for smelling of apricots and often used in the Far East to add a subtle floral note to black tea. And true enough, this does smell of apricots, or some other delicate stone fruit perhaps, like peaches or plums, lightly dusted with nutmeg and cardamom. I have to admit, the opening accord caused a brief rush of emotion in me, but before long, this fragrance had settled into a firm ‘like’ rather than a ‘love’. I think it’s because a whole pot of honey was poured over the already sweet osmanthus accord in the heart, making it quite unbearably sweet and heavy to my nose. Anything delicate captured in the opening minutes of the fragrance – the gentle osmanthus, the apricots, the light spices – were immediately weighted down and made doughy by the onslaught of honey. KEEP ON READING

Take a Ride with “Army of Lovers”

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IMG_6958 - Copy

I have to confess that I enjoy musky animalic perfumes and among my favorites in this stable are Musc Khoublai Khan and Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s showjumper Musc Tonkin.

This preference probably comes from my other hobby which is as addictive as cocaine but much more expensive, one of the equestrian disciplines – dressage. Coming back to perfumeworld I was always in quest of a perfume capturing the smell, the real smell of riding a horse: sweet musky floral/ indolic scent with leather accent. KEEP ON READING

Wardasina: Tumble(Weed) Dry

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Wardasina by Sospiro has been garnering a lot of attention recently, especially on Facebook fragrance groups, where it is frequently mentioned as the ne-plus-ultra of rose fragrances for men. Early reviews are saying that it is the best rose and tobacco combination on the market. Since I am on a bit of a rose quest at the moment, and I like masculine-leaning notes like tobacco, I ordered a bit to see what it was like.

Well, frankly, I am a little stunned. Wardasina is one of those fragrances that make me scratch my head and wonder if I am smelling the same thing as everyone else. First of all, hats off to anyone who can smell tobacco in this. If it is there at all, it maybe makes a brief appearance as a cherry/almond note in the opening – but I’m not sure. Second, the rose is only really perceptible in the opening notes, and I wouldn’t characterize this as a rose fragrance at all. Neither the delicate note of rose nor the usually robust note of tobacco stand any chance against the real power player of this fragrance, which is an incredibly radiant and super-dry woods accord that dominates the fragrance from top to toe. KEEP ON READING

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