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Mini Reviews on New Perfumes (3)

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Testing some of the new launches in the Niche Perfume Land that becomes larger each day I’m sharing with you my first thoughts about them

Another Oud Juliet Has a Gun

The latest release of Juliet Has a Gun ironically named as a statement tries a lot to be a different oud but it doesn’t. My curiosity to test it was raised while reading the notes – raspberry with oud and by the fact that I really enjoyed their first oud scent – Midnight Oud.

How is it? I get in the beginning a huge synthetic mutant raspberry that smells like strawberries with oud notes. This is not a soft oud perfume but a harsh oud one probably due to the large quantity of aromachemicals and I think that is one of the sweetest oud fragrances that I tested up to now. The entire composition is not so complex and remains linear with some a little bit animalic musk in the base note. KEEP ON READING

Nin – Shar – a 3 D Rose Fragrance

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Part of the Jul et Mad recently launched collection “Les White “ Nin-Shar is supposed to capture the splendor of Babylon’s Hanging Gardens using a very popular accord – rose/oud, that these days is a crowd pleaser. It can’t go wrong with this accord, it’s on the safe side but in the same time there is nothing spectacular, nothing new I thought while reading about it on Jul et Mad website. I had the chance to try first from Les White the wonderful Garuda which is by far my favorite. KEEP ON READING

Jul et Mad Garuda

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Lost Hindu Temple, Indonesia free images – World free images

I acquired Garuda last week. Bought it blind, and y’all know how that can turn out (but that’s part of the fun, no?)

I went for it although Jul et Mad had never made anything that much appealed to me. Until now.

I have worn Garuda seven days in a row. It’s been ages since a new perfume made me do cartwheels. And it’s a timely reminder that there is still the possibility of new great fragrances being released, by a new wave of young perfumers such as in this case, Luca Maffei. I am very much looking forward to trying the other two in the just-released “New White” collection, Nea and Nin-Shar. KEEP ON READING

From the Fragrance Daily Team: Our Favorite Summer Niche Scents and a Giveaway!

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As the Sun Rise Indy Kethdy / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Maybe we’re nuts, but when we at Fragrance Daily think about summer wardrobes, we’re not thinking shorts and flip-flops.  I mean, those things are nice and all, but not essential.  No, we’re mentally lining up our citrusy Annick Goutals and clearing space in our fridge for massive bottles of eaux de cologne. Priorities, people – priorities.

Anyway, our latest idea is this: since we love perfume and we love lists and we love you, our dear readers (or at least we like you very strongly indeed), we’ve decided to do a quick whip-round the office and get everybody on the Fragrance Daily writing team to list their top five niche fragrances for summer. KEEP ON READING

Italian style-the Angela Ciampagna line of fragrances:an overview

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Let’s talk numbers today: there are at least 360 niche perfume brands on the market presently, as opposed to about 100 less than 10 years ago, according to a press article published on the Reuters website in 2014.
The competition is getting hotter by the day and any newly launched brands would better have a very coherent and believable artistic statement behind and some damn good perfumes in order to establish a successful presence on the market. Brilliant customer service and an engaging online presence are playing an important part too.
Consumers are also getting more discerning thanks to the increasing amount of information available, especially the customers that are active buyers of niche perfumes, a term that I dislike for his pretentious connotations, but it’s sort of universally used and accepted so in lack of a better alternative it’ll have to do. KEEP ON READING

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