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John Varvatos Platinum Edition and Dark Rebel: mainstream is not a dirty word

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My bottle of John Varvatos Classic met me on a cusp. I was looking for a replacement bottle for Donna Karan Fuel for men and I realised that it had been discontinued. At the time I had no particular interest in perfume. I was happy with one bottle at a time and when I went through it I carefully looked for something new to take its place. Sometimes a second bottle sneaked into my rotation but that was as far as I got. For the first time I felt that I had to have a refill but then my luck betrayed me. Fuel was discontinued and it was then that I realised that perfumes actually fall off production at some point. Up to that point it had never occurred to me that scents don’t live forever. So I started looking for something that would remind me of it. The only thing that came near to my nose was John Varvatos Classic. When I say near, I mean in the same town, not next doors, but that was quite acceptable at the time. It was a fruity suede with an antiquated vibe, it missed on the vinyl note and overcompensated with sweetness, but still it was a remarkable scent for its time. I have been following John Varvatos releases ever since and they are more often hits than misses. KEEP ON READING

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