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Jeroboam..and the opulence of ‘Oriento’. A Classic redefined!

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Finally, the long anticipated wait is over as Jeroboam, one of the new perfume houses introduced at the 2015 Pitti Fragranze exhibition brings it’s eclectic as well as chic modern perfume extracts to the Macrocosm known as Niche perfumery. Jeroboam, which one could lazily conclude is an offshoot of Jovoy Perfumes, brings an interesting concept to the forefront by experimenting with quality raw materials at 25% extracts and nifty 30ml sized bottles that cater to what they refer to as the Urban Nomad. The Urban Nomad would be the ‘Uber‘ perfumista who dares to carry his/her juice in their daily travels. KEEP ON READING

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