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House of oud

Sampling House of Oud – Spoiler Alert: There’s no oud.

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Wind Heat

“For women and men”, ONLY if you crave to be all the way PC. This is as masculine as Victoria’s Secrets Annual Sale. Speaking of which, this smells of every Vickie’s Secrets I’ve been in. Wind Heat starts off with a fuzzy-fruity-rose, backed by loads of freesia and peony. I was hard pressed to find a formidable leather note lurking within, but to no avail, there is none on my skin. Wait a minute, this reminds me of a very run of the mill fruity-floral-musk scent, that just so happens to explode in a woman’s handbag – there’s the leather! And there is my stomach in knots! No thank you. KEEP ON READING

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