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Finding a Signature Cologne – Method or Madness?

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Convinced that I was in desperate need of a ‘signature scent cologne’, something that I could grab at a moment’s notice when professional responsibilities required that I enter other person’s ‘scent circles’, I decided that rather than make a choice in the way I normally would – visit my local supplier and be overwhelmed by the typical perfume prose and return home with bottles that I didn’t really like – which were perceived differently on paper than on my skin or did not fit my personal style –  in short, buying ‘dumb’ as opposed to what I often do – ‘buying blind’ (another one of my perpetual weaknesses, but that is another story), I decided to introduce two principles that might help me make a more objective decision. KEEP ON READING

Revisiting Houbigant’s Quelque Fleurs

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Is it ever possible to separate perfume and myth? Perhaps there are a few deeply prosaic perfumistas out there who enjoy their perfumes simply as pleasant scents and nothing more, but for most of us, perfume ignites our imaginations, transporting us to faraway places and times, while reinforcing the specific superhero identity we have selected to perform for the day...flapper, biker, femme fatale, cowboy...and so on, ad infinitum

Sample Impressions: Fougere Royale

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Disclaimer: I have not smelled the original Fougere Royale (1882) – these are my impressions of the updated Fougere Royale (2010), which has been completely altered and brought into line with IFRA regulations.

Houbigant – Fougere Royale (2010):

Lately I’ve been in the mood for a nice, properly masculine and old-fashioned fougere. The latest fougere I tried—Chanel Boy—was a disappointment for me. Fougere Royale was not.

I am told that the remake smells nothing like the original. Whether or not this is true, the new Fougere Royale succeeds at emulating a classical style. The two associated perfumers are geniuses, to put it mildly. Rodrigo Flores-Roux is the listed perfumer, and he worked with the magnificent Roja Dove in order to do the original justice with a proper update. The result is a classical aromatic fougere with tea-like herbaceous elements and spiced geranium. KEEP ON READING

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