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Grossmith Golden Chypre: Mitsouko on antidepressants

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If you are not familiar with Grosmith, let me introduce you. Grossmith perfume house was founded in 1835 in London and with a line-up consisting of pure bottled orientalism managed to sore at the highest status of the perfume industry. With perfumes inspired by Japan, India, the Arab world they became famous for bottling magic for the privileged upper class and the royal courts of the Victorian era. The laurels of the 19th century however started to fail the company after WWII and the Grossmith family finally sold the house. The demise was devastating and by 1970 the perfumer to the British court was selling soap. Fast forward to the 21st century and Simon Brooke, the last descendent of the Grossmith family, a semi-retired and ,apparently bored, chartered surveyor. Upon rediscovering the almost forgotten reigns of his great-great grandfathers in the world of perfumery, he decided to revive the house. He bought back the rights to the name and was ready to reconstruct the initial formulas based on  photochromatographic analysis of vintage Grossmith bottles he found on eBay. Luckily however one of his cousins remembered that he had inherited some old ledgers which apparently contained the original formulas. KEEP ON READING

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