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Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffo….A sweet song called “RISE”

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Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffo

Acquasala is like a familiar song. A familiar song playing in our minds over and default. We replay it at every given moment humming the words, whistling the words, and even swinging our heads to this imaginary rhythm. My familiar song to Acquasala is “Rise” the Grammy nominated international smash hit by the iconic Herb Albert. In fact, Acquasala’s notes unfolds just like the monster Jazz hit serenading you with crisp Horns and Saxophone followed by warm by thumping bass and sweet-sweet piano grooves. Yes. Acquasala is just like the song by Herb Alpert. It is the song called Rise I finally discovered the sheer beauty of Acquasala. KEEP ON READING

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