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Sample Impressions: Bond no. 9’s Sutton Place

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Recently Bond has been gaining a lot of positive press in the fragrance forums. In particular, Bleecker Street has become a bit of a hot commodity, and through Bleecker, many enthusiasts are discovering their other offerings.

Enter Sutton Place, a hypermodern Bond no.9 fragrance with a bottle that won’t give children nightmares. Admittedly, when I first saw the bottle and description of this fragrance, I knew that I had to get my hands on a sample.

Surprisingly, it turns out that the refined, masculine bottle fits the character of this fragrance. Before reading the sample, I read on the forums that it smells like Aventus (why does everything have to smell like Aventus?). As usual, this fragrance doesn’t smell like Aventus. And there is no actual similarity except for the vanillic and fruity elements. KEEP ON READING

Frapin’s Speakeasy: Hemingway in a Havana Bar

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Frapin’s Speakeasy is completely unique – there is nothing else like it. Sticky, humid, and sparkling, the fragrance smells like an expatriate enjoying tropical drink in a Havana bar at dinnertime. Speakeasy’s melancholy yet roguish mood conjures images of the existentialism, bar-hopping, and social dinners of Hemingway’s wonderful The Sun Also Rises. Describing such a scene in the book, Hemingway writes:

“It was like certain dinners I remember from the war. There was much wine, an ignored tension, and a feeling of things coming that you could not prevent happening. Under the wine I lost the disgusted feeling and was happy. It seemed they were all such nice people.” KEEP ON READING

Creed’s Royal Mayfair: Nobility, Bottled

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Finally, due to popular demand, Creed has released a new version of Windsor that will be included in their permanent collection. Unfortunately for many, distribution is extremely limited at the moment due to exclusivity arrangements. It’s still difficult to obtain samples, but yours truly has managed to obtain a few samples in order to offer impressions for FragranceDaily. I have now thoroughly tested the fragrance and bring this review to you, dear readers. Enjoy!

“Top note: British Gin, Jamaican Lime and a touch of Scottish Highland Pine
Middle note: Fragrant Duke of Windsor Roses
Base note: Bahamian Orange, Canadian Cedar and Australian Eucalyptus” KEEP ON READING

Frapin’s L’Humaniste: A Gentleman and a Scholar

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My first and only bottle from the house of Frapin, L’Humaniste (“The Humanist”) is one of the few fragrances that truly fits its name. It is to François Rabelais – humanist and prized member of the Frapin dynasty – that this perfume is dedicated.

Perfume is a fascinating art. As in the expressive mediums of poetry and painting, perfume offers a chance to be transported elsewhere, to feel and be different, to think and consider, to reject or embrace, to admire, to find repugnant, to be delighted, made sad, and to experience wonder. But unique to perfume in particular is the ability to take that feeling with you and to express it to others in the form of an olfactory aura. This aspect of perfume is the part that most interests me – what does your olfactory aura say about you? In my reviews, I have discussed fragrances that embody summer, hope, and even love. Today we will be exploring a fragrance that captures the essence of gentlemanly scholarship. When one thinks of a scholar, what comes to mind? KEEP ON READING

Sampling Thoughts: Frapin’s 1270

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Frapin’s 1270:

The roots of the Frapin family, renowned producers of cognac, can be traced to the year 1270. Unsurprisingly, the house of Frapin decided to pay tribute to this history with a perfume.

On my skin, 1270 opens with a blast of booze-saturated pineapple. Perhaps there is some significant reason why the Frapin family history is highlighted with boozy pineapple (royal pineapple?), but this reviewer wouldn’t know the reason. Nonetheless, the pineapple is syrupy and unambiguous, with a distinct boozy vibe further enhancing its sweetness. On some review websites, there seems to be some confusion over whether or not the pineapple note actually exists. Well, it was more than obvious to me, even though this pineapple seems to have been soaked in a rather large vat of alcohol. KEEP ON READING

From the Fragrance Daily Team: Our Favorite Summer Niche Scents and a Giveaway!

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As the Sun Rise Indy Kethdy / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Maybe we’re nuts, but when we at Fragrance Daily think about summer wardrobes, we’re not thinking shorts and flip-flops.  I mean, those things are nice and all, but not essential.  No, we’re mentally lining up our citrusy Annick Goutals and clearing space in our fridge for massive bottles of eaux de cologne. Priorities, people – priorities.

Anyway, our latest idea is this: since we love perfume and we love lists and we love you, our dear readers (or at least we like you very strongly indeed), we’ve decided to do a quick whip-round the office and get everybody on the Fragrance Daily writing team to list their top five niche fragrances for summer. KEEP ON READING

“…all my soul within me burning..” Nevermore – by Frapin

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Nevermore - Picture ©Roberto Greco
Image: ©Roberto Greco

“With such name as `Nevermore'”, what did you expect? Nothing light, flowery, uplifting, delicate, gourmand or fruity I hope. You were right.

The fragrance starts with pepper, nutmeg and aldehydes – a bit sharp which gives way to the big rose heart. Three roses have been used (Rose Oxid, Rosa Centifolia, Rose Damascena), but they come in heavy and dark with the arrival of saffron, cedar and amber wood.

Taking the mood of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem ‘The Raven’, there is no bright, light note in this fragrance. It does a wonderful job lending a scent to desperation, lost love and Gothic atmosphere. KEEP ON READING

Frapin – Paradis Perdu

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vineyard3‘Paradis Perdu’ is not just a little bit green or quite green – this one is VERY green or should I say wonderfully green. No booze or smoke – not the usual Frapin fare at all (and I don’t mean that negatively – I love Frapin fragrances). I will try and describe ‘Paradis Perdu’ but you really have to try it yourself.

It is not a tangy, biting citrus-y fresh green, more a leafy, full bodied green which incorporates resin and root notes. It reminds me of the outdoor smell after a long awaited rain, but with plenty of greenery around. KEEP ON READING

Bahiana – A Fruity Floral With Brains

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Bahiana Maitre Parfumeur Gantier

Bahiana by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier is an absolute delight from beginning to end. Part of the delight comes from surprise – this is the rare tropical fruity floral that manages to side step all of the “flip-flops and pina colada” associations that usually go along with the genre. It opens on the most realistic note of freshly peeled mandarins that I have ever smelled. It is so good that I blinked in astonishment and then spent the next few hours spritzing it on again to play this part of the show back again. KEEP ON READING

Frapin 1697 – A Must Have

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Frapin - 1697I knew that my first niche fragrance review had to be about Frapin – 1697.

I had not heard about Frapin or 1697 before I received a sample one day (thank you Essenza Nobile). Trying it for the first time was amazing. I seriously could not put the test strip down. You know this wonderful moment when the instant decision has been made that you have to have’this one’. Not even a chance for the rational side to get arguments in (like ‘see whether it is smelling similar to something else’, ‘check out the price first’, ‘not due for another fragrance’…) – nothing would have counted anyway.
1697 is a lovely warm, well rounded full bodied fragrance which combines wonderful notes of rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine as well as woods, fruits and Frapin’s famous cognac note. To me, it is very special and not like anything else I have smelled before. Just listing the ingredients is not going to prepare you for this scent. This one has to be tried. KEEP ON READING

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