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A Very British Oud: Leather Oud by Floris

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For those who are not familiar with the brand, I should tell you up front: Floris has a very particular aesthetic. Though it was started by a Spanish perfumer, over time its fragrances have become iconic in their representation of British style. Sheer, elegant, and never loud, Floris fragrances are a joy to wear for the fragrance traditionalist. Leather Oud is no exception. Yes, it contains the exotic note of oud, and yes leather can be loud, but this is still a Floris fragrance.

To an oud lover, from the first spray, it becomes clear that the Floris take on oud will be something familiar. Upon first whiff, it comes across like a typical rose and oud fragrance, but if you take the time to explore Leather Oud, you’ll find something much more interesting. Unlike Dior’s Leather Oud, which to me smells like a cow pie rotting in the sun quite dirty and unpleasant, the Floris take on the pairing is not only palatable, but also pleasant to the average person (sprayed in moderation, of course). KEEP ON READING

Funk, Punk and Junk

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Leather and oud are two of the most popular notes in niche and even designer/mainstream perfumery at the moment.  Of course leather has been a popular theme for fragrances for many years for both men and women—the Russian Leathers/Cuirs de Rusie, the Knize Tens and the Cabochards and Bandits all attest to that.  Oud is a little different—long used in middle eastern perfumery, oud really hit the mainstream awareness with Yves Saint Laurent’s oud-focused M7 (2002), and has been off to the races ever since.  It is now so over used—often utilizing synthetics instead of the real thing to cash in on its current popularity—that it is considered a little vieux jeu.  In other words, if you are only now getting around to putting out an oud scent, you have missed the boat. KEEP ON READING

Sample Impressions: Floris 1962

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A sucker. Yep. That’s me. A sucker for the hype train… One way ticket on the Hype Train Express. Hype central.

When folks on a certain fragrance forum began discussing Floris 1962, praising it as the second coming of vintage greats, I had to get myself a sample. And upon obtaining one—luckily for me (and perhaps for you, dear reader)—I found that (for once) the hype was indeed justified.

Floris is a house that can be hit and miss for many people. Classic in style but true to their roots, many of their fragrances have a distinctly British and conspicuously patrician soapiness to them. Despite exploring many of their offerings for a number of months, I found only one Floris fragrance—the limited edition Victorious—that I simply had to add to my collection. Well… That number will very likely become two. KEEP ON READING

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