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Re-Romanticising Our Era With Fragrance

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“Everything in world can be represented in numbers and patterns”

(Quote from the movie PI)

Pi Movie Cover from 1998
Pi Movie Cover from 1998

It’s true – today’s world is more “real” than ever. The internet has accelerated the cognitive evolution of mankind to the point where information is not a question of knowledge anymore – reconnaissance is always available with the click of a mouse.  Every question can be answered on scientific level in a few seconds. We are living in a fantastic age of education – the fathers of enlightenment would be very proud of our achievements. But every step forward comes with some side effect, and how to judge those is a subject for another day. The abundance of always-available answers means the end of question marks and this is indeed a thing of wonder. Why are our kids living in such a marvelous world? It’s not really clear to us at the moment – and there is still so much to ponder… KEEP ON READING

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