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Sample Impressions: Clive Christian L for Men

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In short, Clive Christian L smells like your boss. A tailored, reserved, infinitely serious fragrance, this is one to sample if you like the classic masculine fragrances of the 80’s.

Grapefruit is listed as a note, but L doesn’t smell like grapefruit, as the citrus element (along with petitgrain) is used to add a fresh, green, damp, and oily texture to the rest of the composition. Fir is definitely the star of the show, and makes the fragrance smell of tree sap and the woodsy outdoors. It’s resinous, green, and full of life, much like the great outdoors, but is cut with a distinct vetiver, cedar, and cool rose which together ensure that the wearer won’t smell like a lumberjack. L is quality from top to bottom, and though it doesn’t evolve much, it definitely smells worthy of the price tag. KEEP ON READING

Sample Impressions: Clive Christian’s Rock Rose

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For me, the Clive Christian brand is a mark of quality. Given my experience with Clive Christian fragrances, including and especially the regal 1872 Men, I was excited to receive a sample of the new Rock Rose scent.

The opening of Rock Rose is distinctly citric, with a bergamot that nearly comes across as astringent as lime. Combined with the other top notes of neroli and black pepper, the scent conjures images of classical British men’s colognes. But before this brings to mind typical neroli/citrus fragrances, the peppery notes intensify and blend with a powerfully herbal clary sage, which reminds me of the way the note is portrayed in 1872 Men. Rock Rose is a distinctive fragrance (the overall blend doesn’t remind me of any other fragrance on the market), and from the opening it is clear that Clive Christian spared no expense. KEEP ON READING

How does the Fragrance Daily team smell at Christmas Eve?

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Fragrance Daily CHRISTMAS SpecialOh Christmas, oh Christmas – it truly is a very special time of the year. Despite all the commercialism, there is still this magic floating in the air, a relic from your very personal childhood. The silence that covers the snow on a Sunday morning walk, the December-long frenzy of activity that culminates in legendary and often disastrous family events and the breathtaking peace of the morning after – all wonderful. The feeling of seeing one’s beloved or estranged family members once a year, the joy of symbolically putting the whole “old” year behind us, and the act of preparing for the new one. And on top of that all: the fragrances that encapsulate this special time for us, that pervade our senses, and make Christmas time so remarkable and unique. KEEP ON READING

My favorite cinnamon-laced offerings of the season

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For the past four months or so, I have had a love affair with the note of cinnamon. Right around this time of the year, it’s unmistakably EVERYWHERE, but I still yearn to smell it at home, on my person, in the car, on the next person, etc. I guess I have been in preparation mode for holiday season  all along—I would not mind a stack of cinnamon sticks with string threaded through them in my stocking.*winks* No need for that, when I have fragrances to fill the void, so here are my favorite cinnamon heavy offerings, which I am somehow, completely enamored with this festive time of the year. KEEP ON READING

From the Fragrance Daily Team: Our Favorite Summer Niche Scents and a Giveaway!

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As the Sun Rise Indy Kethdy / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Maybe we’re nuts, but when we at Fragrance Daily think about summer wardrobes, we’re not thinking shorts and flip-flops.  I mean, those things are nice and all, but not essential.  No, we’re mentally lining up our citrusy Annick Goutals and clearing space in our fridge for massive bottles of eaux de cologne. Priorities, people – priorities.

Anyway, our latest idea is this: since we love perfume and we love lists and we love you, our dear readers (or at least we like you very strongly indeed), we’ve decided to do a quick whip-round the office and get everybody on the Fragrance Daily writing team to list their top five niche fragrances for summer. KEEP ON READING

Sampling Thoughts: Clive Christian’s 1872 Men

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Clive Christian’s 1872:

With an array of suspiciously large price tags, Clive Christian has placed his perfumes at the high end of niche luxury brands. The brand philosophy, captured in the catchphrase “The World’s Most Expensive Perfume”, somehow manages to come across as both gaudy and gauche. And while I find Clive Christian’s advertising to be as tasteless as a Paco Rabanne bottle (yuck!), I congratulated myself on developing the gusto to properly sample his line. We begin with 1872 Men, one of three of Clive Christian’s Original Collection of masculines, alongside No. 1 Men  and the hilariously named X Men. KEEP ON READING

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