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Smoke, Woods, & Resins: Top 15 for Fall/Winter

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2016 has been a bad year for celebrity deaths and an even worse one for celebrity presidential elections, so I’ve found myself craving and wearing mostly woody, resinous perfumes that perform like one long howling basenote, working my tired neck muscles like a Russian massage therapist. This year, no roses, no leathers, and no ambers – just a long line of calming, resinous woods that make me feel like I’ve slipped into the Nirvana of a silent forest, isolated from all the problems of the world around me. KEEP ON READING

Vento nel Vento by Bois 1920: A Rich and Satisfying Treat

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Vento ne Vento by Bois 1920 is one of the most satisfying fragrances I’ve worn in a while. Like Dior’s Mitzah, Tom Ford’s Amber Absolute, the recent Contre Bombarde 32, and Bois 1920’s own Real Patchouly, Vento nel Vento blurs the lines between amber, incense, spices, and woods, making it rather difficult to pin down. Which is exactly what I like about it.

Listen, this is not ground-breaking stuff. But it is a good kitchen-sink of a thing that’s absolutely perfect for when you feel like wearing something oriental-ish without condemning yourself to a full day of enough straight-up amber to put you in a sugar coma or, worse, a monastic incense that feels like a hair shirt by dinnertime. This gives you everything rolled into one – amber, resin, smoke, spice, sugar, patchouli – boom! And you’re done. KEEP ON READING

Endless Love: Bois 1920’s Come L’Amore

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There are sensible people who can wear a single perfume contentedly for decades, but my curiosity about perfumes appears to be boundless, and I wonder if I will be compelled to sniff every perfume out there before I'm done. An unfamiliar perfume can attract my attention in all sorts of ways.

Bois 1920 Vento nel Vento: The three-dimensional amber

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I’ve found that a lot of traditional ambers make me nauseous, for example, TFPB Amber Absolute, and Profumi del Forte Ambra Mediterranea, are too potent for me. So, it’s great to have come around to something that wears like a veil of silk and not fifty-layers of flame retardant Kevlar.

Vento nel Vento starts off with all the nauseating components I typically don’t like, less the nuclear size potency. The start of Vento is dominated by patchouli, heaps of resins; frankincense, benzoin, and labdanum. The patchouli comes off chocolate-y, with a slight gourmand tinge of raw cocoa powder. KEEP ON READING

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