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A new kind of tuberose: Nacre Blanche by Antonio Alessandria

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With hand on my heart I confess I always had, have and will be in love with the distinct smell of the white queen of flowers – the tuberose, or the “harlot of perfumery”as Roja Dove right calls it. Give me the most challenging scent based on a huge tuberose bouquet and I`ll faint…of pleasure.

My most beloved found treasures are the bold Fracas (my first niche perfume) and it`s Petit sweet modern sister, the transparent La Chasse aux Papillons, the sultry Carnal Flower, the sexy Beyond Love by Kilian or the classic beauty Jardins de Bagatelle Guerlain, but there is always place for one more. Or two, or three…

So here I am sniffing the whole day my sample of Nacre Blache that I picked up because of the promising official presentation and trying to resume in words the mystery of this scent. KEEP ON READING

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