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Iris Quest: Denouement

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For the fourth and final installment of in my Iris Quest (see Parts I, II, and III here), I’m focusing on all the iris fragrances that I (a) either forgot to include the first time round, (b) features iris not as the main player but as one important element in a larger whole – iris as part of an incense, woody, or oriental composition, and/or (c) features iris in the role of cosmetic or lipstick-style scents.

Let’s begin with an absolute heart-breaker….the amazing and utterly unaffordable Irisss by Xerjoff. KEEP ON READING

Shhh….Be QUIET and scroll down..its L’Eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton

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Shhhh!….Be QUIET and scroll down..its L’Eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton

L'EAU Scandaleuse

Now that you have done the smartest thing so far in 2015-by scrolling down-lets keep tally of the Tuberose and Leather wars in the past years:

TNT- PK Perfumes

Miss Dior – Christian Dior

Kelly Caleche – Hermes

Vierges et Toreros – Etat Libre d’Orange

Fan di Fendi – Fendi

Shams Al Aseel – Al Rehab

Sound familiar or-unfamiliar-the Tuberose and Leather duet still plays on in all it’s fervor taking one down its bewitching and sometimes dangerous scented path leaving no room for the meek at heart..only the daring which L’Eau Scandaleuse is perfectly made for: THE DARING KEEP ON READING

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