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The only New Years “Oudh” resolution you’ll need for 2016 is Almas Al ‘Leather Oud’

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Oudh & Leather, Leather & Oudh. It has become a staple of the niche perfume industry of late with endless variations spawned at a winks notice. We have seen and smelled them all to the point of no return where little ground is left to explore or even conquer. Leather-Oudh-Rose..Leather-Oudh-Florals..Leather-Oudh-Incense and you can almost guess where this analogy is headed thus far. So now its 2016 so where else can you take this combination, what else can be accomplished? Arriving early into the beginning hours of 2016 is Almas Al’s stimulating elixir: Leather Oudh. KEEP ON READING

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