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The Olympiad of Oudh: Zafeer Oud Vanille by Alexandre. J

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The Olympiad of Oudh: Zafeer Oud Vanilla:

With almost three months left of 2015 to finish, the Olympiad of Oudh continues as any and everyone makes a mad dash to the finish line to showcase their most cherished Agarwood fragrance before the winter solstice arrives. By December 22, 2015 we should all know who will wear the laurel and raise the torch for ‘Best Oudh of the year after holding our breaths for the fast 9 months because with Oudh it brings excitement and often triple-stage-induced-anxiety. It also brings unbridled anger. To some, the Oudh trend couldn’t come to an end fast enough but such short-sided sentiment quickly evaporates which brings attention to a spectacular Oudh that is everything short of brilliant. KEEP ON READING

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