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Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Oud, Creed’s Royal Oud—each of these are great examples of fragrances that seek to make oud pleasing to the masses, with very little (if any) oud. Standing in stark contrast to those tame beauties, Al Kimiya’s Hayat is an example of what can be crafted when a talented perfumer attempts to make an actual oud palatable. Upon…

The Al Kimiya (Kemi Blending Magic) line is another magnificent collection from Sergio Momo, the genius behind such titanic collections as Xerjoff, Casamoratti, and Sospiro. The first two I’ve experienced from the line (Aurum and Aqua Regia) are both gorgeous, and truly manage to capture the collection’s theme. With these beautiful compositions, the perfumers have captured the essence of “alchemy”, the mystical art…

This fragrance is beautiful. For me, this one has got the lot: Warm spicy amber with cloves, nutmeg and cedar. It has a gourmand note, but not too strong or too sweet due to the added spicyness. It is a unique fragrance which is strong to start with (no citrus or fresh flowers anywhere) and then mellows beautifully with some…

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