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Exploring Frederic Malle Samples (Part 1 – Masculines)

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Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle is a house that is very well-respected in the niche fragrance community. Its esteemed figurehead, Estee Lauder Frederic Malle, is considered to be a talented editor of perfumes. It shows. The compositions crafted for this house are artfully done, stripped of excess, and technically innovative. And true to the brand’s purpose in giving perfumers freedom to express their creativity, the elegant bottles feature prominently the names of the perfumers.

Two significant things that I noticed about the Frederic Malle line: first, the names of the fragrances almost always accurately reflect the smell contained in the bottle; second, one should approach these fragrances as one would a soliflore – most fragrances from the collection are designed to draw out different facets of a single dominant note (tuberose, bitter orange, vetiver, etc.). KEEP ON READING

Creed’s Royal Mayfair: Nobility, Bottled

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Finally, due to popular demand, Creed has released a new version of Windsor that will be included in their permanent collection. Unfortunately for many, distribution is extremely limited at the moment due to exclusivity arrangements. It’s still difficult to obtain samples, but yours truly has managed to obtain a few samples in order to offer impressions for FragranceDaily. I have now thoroughly tested the fragrance and bring this review to you, dear readers. Enjoy!

“Top note: British Gin, Jamaican Lime and a touch of Scottish Highland Pine
Middle note: Fragrant Duke of Windsor Roses
Base note: Bahamian Orange, Canadian Cedar and Australian Eucalyptus” KEEP ON READING

From the Fragrance Daily Team: Our Favorite Summer Niche Scents and a Giveaway!

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As the Sun Rise Indy Kethdy / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Maybe we’re nuts, but when we at Fragrance Daily think about summer wardrobes, we’re not thinking shorts and flip-flops.  I mean, those things are nice and all, but not essential.  No, we’re mentally lining up our citrusy Annick Goutals and clearing space in our fridge for massive bottles of eaux de cologne. Priorities, people – priorities.

Anyway, our latest idea is this: since we love perfume and we love lists and we love you, our dear readers (or at least we like you very strongly indeed), we’ve decided to do a quick whip-round the office and get everybody on the Fragrance Daily writing team to list their top five niche fragrances for summer. KEEP ON READING

Acqua di Parma’s Colonia: A Classy Classic

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Acqua di Parma’s Colonia is a classic that withstands the test of time. Originally created in 1916, Colonia represented a departure in style from the heavier perfumes that were popular during that era. Uniquely suited to the minimalist (yet supremely chic) Italian aesthetic, it was popularized by a range of high-profile American and European actors and actresses who discovered Colonia just before the outbreak of the Second World War.

In that atmosphere of fear and tragic violence, with the looming spectre of global conflagration imprinted readily on the social consciousness, I like to think that Colonia provided an escape, however small. During the wartime years, when those actors gathered to prepare the films that would provide necessary entertainment for a fearful and weary public, I imagine their crestfallen faces as they hear of yet another nation that has fallen to annexation, perhaps Flanders or France or countless other principalities, unable to resist a rising tide that must have then seemed totally unstoppable. KEEP ON READING

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile: a deja-vu Rose

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I think Acqua di Parma`s Nobile collection is a line you couldn`t go wrong with if you happen to look for scents with a laid back character which illustrates the Mediterranean effortless style. Until recently their bouquet of flowers contained a refined Iris, a zesty Gelsomino, a fruity Magnolia and now they added a rose to complete the glorious group. So I picked this flower, stuffed my nose in it and here are my thoughts about the new Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile.

Close your eyes and set your mind free…we`re going for a walk.


Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile: The Silver Ladle & A Francis Kurkdijan Discussion

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When I was at school, we read a short parable about two silver ladles – one was plain and unadorned, the other ornately molded. I forget  the details, but I remember that the moral of the story was that although the plain silver ladle looked rather ordinary compared to the excesses of the more decorative one, it actually took a lot more skill to make the plain ladle, because there was nowhere for mistakes to hide. Lesson: true beauty lies in simplicity, and simplicity is the hardest thing to pull off. KEEP ON READING

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