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A Lab on Fire

Lovers for one day: What We Do In Paris Is Secret by A Lab on Fire

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a lab on fire

Is it the longest name in perfume history or what :D? But boy, this is such an utterly amazing cold season scent! I`m not sure what attracted me to this fragrance in the first place that made me go order it blind about two years ago…maybe it was the name (if we talk about Paris and secrets – you can count me in!) or the nose behind it – Dominique Ropion  -the genius who created Portrait of a Lady, Carnal Flower, Alien, Sisley Soir de Lune, Lalique Le Parfum and many more…not to mention the ingredients of the composition, like heliotrope, honey, vanilla, litchi, amber…oooh I feel in my element here! KEEP ON READING

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