Halfeti by Penhaligon’s of London…Introducing: The Black Mystical Rose

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Halfeti is a very opulent, mysterious and mind-blowing oriental scent built around a rose scent that you have not heard much about in 2015 until now. This scent, Halfeti, named after a Village in Turkey where Black Roses grow is emphatically something special. The Black rose of Halfeti is considered an endangered species but upon first whiff of this splendid scent one would never know by the way Penhaligon’s allied perfumer Christian Provenzano-A FiFi Award winner for his work on Agent Provocateur-masterfully fuses ’15’ different notes to create a masterpiece by some preliminary estimations. Halfeti, really lives up to it’s own hype.

So lets begin with the Rose scent shall we. It is prominent but its enhanced by all the notes around it. The rose is a very dry one which in actuality is probably Turkish Rose as the note for this fragrance is listed generically as ‘Rose’.  However, it does not become typically monotonous with 14 notes remaining as the beloved carnival of Halfeti is just beginning. Beyond the Rose you have Citruses, Green Notes, Spices, resins, amber. Florals and much more (..much-much) more.

Let’s just start with Vanilla, Cypress, Lavender and Oudh. What a brilliant combination to work around the Rose. The Vanilla is sweet but with the Lavender, Oudh and Cypress your typical Rose-Oudh scent avoids becoming the ‘Gourmand Clone” and walks on the proverbial edge. Halfeti is a scent that takes just as many risks as well as turns but never gets lost because as mentioned before everything begins and ends with the Rose. The end result, the Rose never overwhelms.

So, with the Lavender-Oudh-Vanilla-Cypress you have a sweet ashy smell (akin to an hours burning log) however somewhat ripe. There is a touch of cinnamon you will encounter at given moments as well as saffron, cumin, cardamom and nutmeg which makes this scent all the more fantastic. By, now you understand why Christian Provenzano is an FiFi award winner. The same risky ethos utilized for Agent Provocateur is present in Halfeti but with twice the intensity. The warm spicy combination has the effect of a freshly baked cinnamon roll on top of Rose, Oud and Vanilla. Ravishingly scrumptuous!

Then there is more: Florals. Muget-Jasmine-Violet. The florals balance all the overlaps from All the overlaps but the floral that stands out is the violet which amazingly presents a cotton fiber like feel. Now the fragrance has texture adding to the luminous depth. To conclude, Halfeti takes advantage of the dark side of the perfume by incorporating leather, amber, musk, resins, cedar-sandlewood, pachouli, tonic and musk. With such an interesting combination of ingredients the dark element is a very warm and cozy transition making the rose smell like fresh sand blowing in the wind..AND…with all the other ingredients involved.

For the very last part, Armoise is bought in for the herbal component. Now, Halfeti is aromatic, woody, resinous, spicy, citrus, floral and herbal. This is such an beautiful composition containing 15 ingredients at times one might stop and ask is this real with so many components working in unison…it is. Halfeti is an masterful blend of notes with incredible sillage, projection as well as range. The scent shifts and transforms at will moving from one mode to the next. Halfeti is an incredible ride. It offers something different using familiar ingredients while managing to stay unique. Halfeti is complexity with appeal, Halfeti is Rose, Halfeti is all things. Halfeti is encompassing.


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