Got Driftwood? By Mirus Perfumes

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Driftwood is an impeccable presentation of wood finally meeting the beach and its myriad of comforting and uplifting scents. Minus makes an attempt to position in our sporadic collective minds a lone but rogue piece of driftwood-with its hollow and neutral mature woody scent-washing upon the shores of a beach, lake, lagoon or however you choose your likeliness. Please do know that driftwood has your expectations covered and quite nicely.

The Wood and sea theme has quite possibly run its course with so many fragrances to choose from and maybe less than a handful that really smell like what they are supposed to represent. However, Driftwood is impressive to say the most. It is thrice soothing with an interesting take on sandalwood and cedar that leaves the impression of smoky oud and the soothing scent of freshly lit match. But thats the only the beginning in Driftwood.

Super high quality Parfum Extraits is the route chosen by Mirus Perfumes to create stimulating perfumes with the chosen perfumer hand blending each bottle of juice from ingredients carefully selected. The quality of Driftwood vouches for such a detailed process that Mirus applies for their creations. The sillage, projection and longevity of Driftwood is far above average and can easily lead one to believe it is manna falling from heaven just because it is that good! I can easily anticipate Driftwood as a favorite scent for fall and or early spring. It combines all of the characteristics for each season but unapologetically remaining woody. Now we shall see what makes Driftwood a piece of actual Driftwood.



Driftwood contains in interesting combination of Sandlewood, Cedar and Pepper to achieve that soothing scent of matured wood found on beaches, lakes and rivers. This piece of wood smells more like Great Lakes than Ocean and rivers. It contains the crisp and and carrot like sharpness that only Virginia cedar can produce followed by a weathered sandalwood note combining the pepper with Vanuatu sandalwood. This is different version of sandalwood that will draw your attention. Like as mentioned before it has the lit match smell with buttery sandalwood notes. Whatever it is this Vanuatu sandalwood is supposed to be it surely does not disappoint. And with Extrait quality it is damn good. Driftwood accomplishes everything the title of this perfume  suggests.



The second part of this elixir is where the sateity begins starting with a warm and earthy neutral vanilla followed by a regal rendition of silver ambergris tincture! Remember, all Ambergris is not equal but this tincture is firing on all cylinders: A salty bite with a marvelous aquatic overtone. Consider how appetizing Vanilla and Ambergris is with some added Frankincense, ozonic notes and additional aquatic notes. This is supposed to capture the fresh breeze of your chosen aquatic environment along with the fresh piece of driftwood found next to you. I say the vanilla and silver ambergris tincture really define the wet and breezy notes by default. After 30 minutes The vanilla and ambergris settles in and thus form a brand new scent. It is something to experience.


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