Freudian Wood by Wienerblut. Hedonism and Archness in a bottle.

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The title alone drew my interest in this very surprising perfume from Wiernerblut which is based squarely in Vienna, Austria. The audacity of releasing a perfume named after the renown Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis and listed among Western Society’s greatest influential thinkers, with accolades proceeding into the wee hours of the morning, because freud was really that monumental.

Wienerblut is a term that describes hedonism mixed with archness or which characterized a certain crowd of the Viennese around the 1870’s according to the their website. Knowing the reputation of Freud, it seems fitting that Wienerblut would create such a modern day ‘Freudian’ elixir extending the boundaries of pleasure and slyness even further in 2017 with a really impressive ‘Freudiental’ (Freud-Oriental) perfume. The mood in creating this was strategic and definitely playful. Pleasure and slyness was also considered as Freudian Wood is loaded with notes of esteemed pleasure like Milk, Mimosa, and Ambergris while teasing us with sly woody notes, resins and spices. It is mildly overt but loaded with olfactive expectations considering the union of intriguing notes and the many blessings it brings. It’s focus according to Wienerblut is …” A milky fragrance that captures the intimate skin feeling with animalic and laconic notes around a woody core”.  In Freud’s view, Wood stands for sexual desire and the female bosom which holds reference to the ‘feeling’ of Freudian Wood considering lust and anatomy in today’s popular culture.

With the Freud references explained, now we will examine how this really smells. The first notes that jump directly into your psyche is a modest dosage of Cypress with Mimosa which I find rather interesting in that this will be my first encounter with this combination. I just absolutely adore cypress after smelling this note in Arabian fragrances and Tom Ford’s Italian Cypress but now Wienerblut gives us their Viennese interpretation of Cypress with the sweet-powder floral smell of mimosa. The combination of the two sets the tone for this fragrance as some might describe it as powdery. To me, it is more of a pleasant coarse smell than powdery which makes this appealing. It almost smells fruity but it is mildly sweet and coarse. Also consider the Costus root which also adds to the coarseness. The texuture of skin is expertly accomplished by what I describe as the ‘Big 4’: 1. Ambergris, 2. Labdanum 3. Ambrette seeds and 4. Milk. Definitively speaking, these notes have an added bonus in that it provides an extremely soft and moist elegance to blend with the mimosa and cypress. Freudian Wood has that creamy and slight animalic component to it that makes it more seducing than outright sexual. The combination of these ‘skin’ enticements are what makes this an enjoyable encounter. Consider how the milk notes stand out with an inclusion of cumin which adds a noticeable warmth to this fragrance. Its almost comparable to a warm cup of tea with helping of milk and even butter if you will. You can also include this warmth sentiment in Freudian wood.

The sandalwood contained within the layers of this fragrance is just divine which I saved for last. Sandalwood is apparent but it is very light with the cypress carrying the full weight of this perfume. You can detect it as something like butter but it only improves this fragrance after so many dynamic combinations of ingredients. Freudian Wood is a woody fragrance but it is also a rich, thick and moist with mouthwatering aftertaste. If you like fragrances such as Emeshel’s ‘Y’ or the L’Instant de Guerlains of the universe, Freudian Wood is another item to add to the bucket list. Just remember the distinguishing cypress and mimosa that is the hallmark of this fragrance. Everything works in Freudian Wood; the spin on Freud, hedonism-archness and a little sexual innuendo…it’s all there.

My first impression of Wiernerblut is a very positive one which leads me to this encore.

Palais Nizam– This is an outstanding blend of ingredients: Saffron, dry plums, ghosts of brandy and Bergamot for the beginning. It is a dry, fruity and alcoholic taste. You will literally want to drink this perfume but please refrain from doing such! The brandy and plum after effect with saffron is downright genius. Bergamot adds to the dry sweetness of course but the boozy tinge is delightful. Some vintage leather is thrown in with cysts and oakwood which takes this over the top. Palace Nizam wreaks of ‘Archness and Hedonism’ after sampling this boozy and elegant fragrance. The aged leather smell and oakwood really puts this signature to this creation. I can’t think of a more impressive fragrance combining these notes. It is worth every sterling, euro, dinar, dirham, franc and Schilling of exploring. A toast to Palais Nizam…literally.

Phot Source:, Jovoy Paris

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