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Frapin – Paradis Perdu

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vineyard3‘Paradis Perdu’ is not just a little bit green or quite green – this one is VERY green or should I say wonderfully green. No booze or smoke – not the usual Frapin fare at all (and I don’t mean that negatively – I love Frapin fragrances). I will try and describe ‘Paradis Perdu’ but you really have to try it yourself.

It is not a tangy, biting citrus-y fresh green, more a leafy, full bodied green which incorporates resin and root notes. It reminds me of the outdoor smell after a long awaited rain, but with plenty of greenery around.

‘Paradis Perdu’ doesn’t turn sweet at any stage, it stays leafy, turning from crisp to darker green with vetiver, chedarwood and moss notes added.

nd.18705For me, it is one of those fragrances where you say ‘wow’ (the step-back-wow) at first, but then go back again and again. It’s a fragrance you can wear any day, any season or to any occasion. It is different, has class and quality.


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