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Frapin 1697 – A Must Have

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Frapin - 1697I knew that my first niche fragrance review had to be about Frapin – 1697.

I had not heard about Frapin or 1697 before I received a sample one day (thank you Essenza Nobile). Trying it for the first time was amazing. I seriously could not put the test strip down. You know this wonderful moment when the instant decision has been made that you have to have’this one’. Not even a chance for the rational side to get arguments in (like ‘see whether it is smelling similar to something else’, ‘check out the price first’, ‘not due for another fragrance’…) – nothing would have counted anyway.
1697 is a lovely warm, well rounded full bodied fragrance which combines wonderful notes of rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine as well as woods, fruits and Frapin’s famous cognac note. To me, it is very special and not like anything else I have smelled before. Just listing the ingredients is not going to prepare you for this scent. This one has to be tried.

1697 was the year Louis XIV gave his apothecary Pierre Frapin the right to bear a coat of arms, a very special occasion back then. In 2011, Bertrand Duchaufour was commissioned to create a fragrance to honor that year and at the same time incorporate the opulence and luxury of that era.

I see this one as the perfect fragrance for the colder months, just right to sit in your favourite leather arm chair in front of the fire enjoying the moment or take it out – whatever the occasion, it can never be too grand for 1697.


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