Former United States President John F. Kennedy wore Eight & Bob Perfumes and so should you!

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In the stratosphere they call Perfume there always remains ample opportunity for a good story, a moving story, an inspiring story-however in the case of Eight & Bob perfumes they have the Best stories. Consider this if you will, you are Albert Fouquet-the esteemed ‘Braintrust’ and perfume extraordinaire of Eight and Bob perfumes deeply grounded in Paris in the year 1937. You have garnered a real reputation for making glamorous as well as coveted bespoke perfumes exclusively for the Parisian elite and a young John Fitzgerald Kennedy-who decades later would become the 35th President of the united states-receives whiff of your perfumes and asks for a sample. With splendid timing and extended wit Albert Fouquet arrives at the hotel where the young student John F. Kennedy is staying whist in Paris for the summer and leaves a sample of his perfume that JFK desired at a previous meeting with a note that read:

..”In this bottle you will find the dash of French Glamour your American Personality lacks”… Ouch!

Time passes with Kennedy eventually contacting Fouquet once more but this time instead of asking for 1 sample he requests ‘8 samples and an extra one for Bob’. As before, Fouquet responds again with his patent-perfect wit sending numerous samples labeled with ‘Eight & bob’ like Kennedy requested and the rest is history as word of mouth for Eight & Bob initially started with JFK and ended in Hollywood. From Kennedy’s earlier request for 8 samples and 1 for Bob, Fouquet names his upstart enterprise Eight & Bob. The popularity of Eight & Bob perfumes expanded eventually taking a life of itself by converting famous Hollywood actors such as Cary Grant and James Stewart into ‘Eight & Bob’ers’.

Eight & Bob, just like in the 1930’s and present day offer exclusive colognes ‘preferred by the most elegant men‘-so they say-but with charming fragrances as Egypt and Cap D’Antibes finally being released to the public in limited quantities. It serves as fitting to allow everyone a slight peek and whiff of what exactly is the cult of Eight & Bob.

Egypt came from Fouquet’s private and exclusive collection inspired by his frequent trips to Egypt visiting a childhood friend named Ahmed at his Villa along with a myriad of new smells that had an overwhelming but pleasant experience. Egypt is a very thick and heavy Woody-Spicy (but not dark) affair that is uncompromising, beyond sexy and generally impressive. You get the feeling you have smelled Egypt before in that a slight relation to Michael Kors For Men is present in which that to is a heavy woody-Spicy fragrance. Michael Kors For Men and Egypt possess eerie similarities with elements of suede, pachouli, sandalwood and cardamom however Egypt makes a distinctive sharp turn as an uplifting lemon note is the core of this composition. Michael Kors For men has a ton of ancillary notes and they work…very well indeed. Egypt, emits a presence of a linear perfume if you judge by sheer observation of notes and a blind taste test but the craftsmanship in Egypt protrudes and even stands out. Besides lemon, you have leather, nutmeg, lavender and a moss note that makes Egypt so captivating. Its like the Moss created an updated pleasant type of musk note as it dances so freely around the pachouli and leather. This adds another uplifting dimension to Egypt. Somehow you will find a way to love the way Lavender mixes in with Egypt. It is not to intruding but suffice shall I say. The Lavender with Lemon and Pachouli creates a nice sandlike effect that you smell constantly during the life of the perfume. The sweetness from the nutmeg and cardamom gives it a pleasant sheen over the lemon. It is an Eau De Parfum with excellent range. After five or six hours Egypt still has a presence as it develops into a sweet spice sandlike musk with lemon and lavender hovering in the background. Overall, Egypt is warm, sophisticated and supremely uplifting with Fouquet’s line up of basic notes. However basic the notes may seem one should not shun the elegance which Egypt emits. This is an old Fouquet classic with a modern touch.

Cap D’Antibes – Consider this a Woody Fougere with a prominent incense note that works superbly with an icy aromatic-mossy presence. Fouquet, again utilizes the power of moss notes as in Egypt but for this go around the moss is turned down a hare to make room for the cooling effect. Cap D’ Antibes is that fine, strong sophisticated but refined gentlemen in a bottle. He smells of Violet, Mint and aromatic notes followed by cinnamon. Mint, which I am very fond of adds to herbal refreshing phase of this perfume. After the aromatic notes settle you can experience a slight incense note mixed with an earthy vanilla. Then things become woody as the cedar and birch tar give it a smoke and incense effect that begins to dominate over La Vida Aromatic. Cap D’ Antibes is a slowly developing  shape shifting scent but reverts back and forth from woody to aromatic to incense-smoky. To clarify, the smoky feel is actually the Birch-Cedar combination which careens with incense all along. After wearing Cap D’Antibes so many times I grappled with myself in pin pointing this effect. This creation is pleasant experiment moving from cool to smooth ashes and fresh wood with a touch of Moss. For however neutral that scent remains it is potent.  It is quite the experience and worth the ride. As time goes on, the fragrance turns into a lovely incense mossy aromatic and minty creation. It truly is a dandy. I can’t think of one perfume to compare to in that this one is very unique and will satisfy everyone searching for a unique refined scent.

An hour has passed since the application of both juices on each wrist. I am in Heaven. Egypt smells so powerful and majestic while Cap D’ Antibes warrants me a smooth refined minty confidence. You must try Eight & Bob now.

Speaking of great stories, shortly after Fouquet sent samples to Kennedy he died and left his works of perfumery to his personal Butler. His Butler continued handling the remaining perfumes duties until World War II began. As his Butler was making the final perfume shipments for Eight & Bob while the war was beginning, the Butler hid some of the remaining perfume bottles in books that he cut out so the Nazi’s would not confiscate them. Now, years later, the formulas and processes for Eight & Bob perfumes have been recovered and have become available as well as exclusive once again.




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