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Sample Impressions: Floris 1962

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A sucker. Yep. That’s me. A sucker for the hype train… One way ticket on the Hype Train Express. Hype central.

When folks on a certain fragrance forum began discussing Floris 1962, praising it as the second coming of vintage greats, I had to get myself a sample. And upon obtaining one—luckily for me (and perhaps for you, dear reader)—I found that (for once) the hype was indeed justified.

Floris is a house that can be hit and miss for many people. Classic in style but true to their roots, many of their fragrances have a distinctly British and conspicuously patrician soapiness to them. Despite exploring many of their offerings for a number of months, I found only one Floris fragrance—the limited edition Victorious—that I simply had to add to my collection. Well… That number will very likely become two.

Fragrance comparisons are often bandied about on the forums—with few exceptions, given enough time, everything is eventually compared with everything else. But here, the enthusiasts were right again.

It smells like a glorious mix of Tom Ford Italian Cypress and pre-reformulation Polo Green. Spicy, green, a modern attempt at a throwback style, and yet somehow still Floris, 1962 is a brilliant composition. Not only did Floris perfect the style, making these powerhouse fragrances even more wearable and gentlemanly, but they did it with top shelf ingredients, so the overall blend smells rich and not the slightest bit dated.

Citrus adds an oiliness to the opening, which contains hues of emerald green and forest-bark brown. Spices are present throughout, especially clove, while herbaceous elements such as basil and mint add depth and a somewhat leafy texture to the composition. Cypress is the star of the show, and sits on top of a warm, clean base of oakmoss, musks, and amber.

For those who are looking, there is a surprise that lingers deep into the dry down. Take a whiff many hours into its evolution and you will discover the ambery-musky-clean base — a base that is reminiscent of another British masterpiece: Penhaligon’s Sartorial. In using this accord, Floris ensured that 1962 will be more than just a period piece, as it maintains the fragrance’s originality and practical versatility.

Performance is perfect. Unlike Italian Cypress and Polo Green, 1962 is more reserved—certainly not a powerhouse fragrance. But in my book, that is a good thing, as it now conveys style and elegance over power and wealth. If Polo Green and Italian Cypress are new money with something to prove, Floris 1962 is old money with nothing to prove to anyone.

Would I buy it?: Yes! If you ever want to experience something that is at once both vintage and modern, request a sample and join me on the hype train…. The engine needs more coal!

The fragrance “1962” by Floris can be found at Essenza Nobile.

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