Faunus….The Mind altering Wood by LA CURIE Perfumes

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If you like your Artisan perfumes to live on the sacred ‘Olfactory edge’, one should look no further than the House of LA CURIE Artesian perfumes. At present, I have had the opportunity by sheer luck to sample two extraordinary almost mind-altering perfumes by this Indie house (maybe they are new or maybe not) from their current offering of five and the impression I was left with was just unbridled amazement. If you really ‘appreciate’ Artisanal you than you have arrived at the correct place and I strongly suggest following up after reading this review because I did after writing it. What is really mind-altering about the perfumes I dabbled in is the clear and present potency in place of clear and present danger.

When perfumes claim the title of Artisan they can begin as a nuisance and swiftly turn towards disaster or they can silence the staunchest of critics which I believe LA CURIE has with an 2016 Art and Olfactory Award winning perfume named ‘Incendo’ which presents the concept of an intensive burning, smoldering and forest fire experience captured in a bottle of perfume. In it are all of the smells you encounter when spending time in the forest; camping, cookouts, nature hikes it is all covered in Incendo and with great consistency. The sillage and projection of it all places you directly into the proverbial ‘Fire’. The incense, pine and fir needles arouse your senses while hot coals, sage and pine work their specific but strategic magic as described by this mysterious while phenomenal elixir.

Faunus, which is the second perfume I sampled carries the same exact intensity of Incendo but for this go around it’s all about the Oudy-Woody. Faunus, is intense no doubt, but the theme to remember here is after the fire, when everything cools down and the wood turns to ash while the wind blows the ashes and dust throughout the air. For Faunus, the notes are simple but not ever to be confused with a basic perfume. My guess is the resident perfumer or chemist has sold his ‘tainted’ soul to the great Mephisto by allowing him to capture your attention with an impressive performance by the Cedar, Oudh, Hay and ‘Marbled’ bergamot!

There are four notes supposedly in Faunus but it seems there are some undisclosed culprits because the depth in this presentation is unimaginable but astounding. At various points Faunus smells like a dusty wind chapped leather hat with dust all over it. Then, it smells like fresh cedar with top heavy Oudh notes with no specific mention of Oudh type, it just has that thick and robust woody presence. It is very calming and will easily impress as it moves through its different stages. Lastly, it does smell like hay but with a little leather and Oudh. That’s three options you have with Fauna or to make things simple it moves through those various stages. Oh, I almost forgot about the ‘Marbled’ Bergamot. What exactly is this note I pondered. I was confounded for a while until it came to me that it is like fresh sweet rain on a marble surface…Bingo! The next time you are out in public after a fresh rain look for a building with a surface chalk full of marble and sniff to your nostril’s delight. That is exactly the smell captured in Faunus. Although, LA CURIE decides in revealing the minimal amount of notes as possible, somehow being obscure works for this house. I think Faunus might be up for a nomination as well in 2017. Faunus is good juice. It feels as though it was created for no specific gender but for a certain mood as that is the reason for the title of Artisanal. It is totally up to you to decide. But beware as Faunus is named after a mythological deity that plays great music you might end up being seduced!


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