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Sparkling Citrus: Dior Homme Cologne

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Nowadays, designer fragrances are a dime a dozen. If they aren’t monotone monotonous monstrosities of one form or another, they are inevitably sweet enough to cause cavities. It is a rare thing that I find to be a designer fragrance to be worthy of purchase, but when I do, I make sure to scream about it from the nearest mountaintop. So dear readers, please envision me screaming from the top of my local hill: The latest edition of Dior Homme Cologne is fantastic! And it smells niche quality, if you know what I mean.

At first glance, this fragrance is entirely forgettable. Yes, it’s another citrus cologne, and obviously that is a genre that is a bit crowded. However, with repeated wearings, I have changed my opinion on Dior Homme Cologne and have come to appreciate its elegant simplicity. Francois Demachy hit it out of the park with this one, as it resembles (a favorable comparison!) the lovely Cologne Royale from Dior’s private collection.

Citrus, florals, and musk. That’s basically all you will find in Dior Homme Cologne. But ask yourself: do you really need more? Gentlemen have been wearing classical colognes for many, many decades, and there is a reason why the style has persisted for so long. It’s a bit like the concept of the men’s suit. It has evolved over the years, and the frills have changed, but the essence of the style remains the same. So too with the cologne, which must always be done with simple, quality ingredients and blended to perfection. This is a style that takes a great deal of skill from a perfumer, as an off note here or an out of place element there will corrupt the entire composition, rendering it boring, or worse.

Long story short, this is a brilliant fragrance that you should endeavor to sample. The citrus notes (bergamot, I believe) are sparkling, the floral notes refreshing without being feminine, and the musky base is clean without smelling too much like laundry. Longevity is decent at around 4-5 hours, but with an eau de cologne this is spot on. In the heat, it smells even better, so gents in hot climates will find themselves doing quite well with this cologne.

And then there’s the price. Dior makes expensive juice, but compared to the niche side of the fragrance game, Dior Homme Cologne is a bargain, especially since the composition demolishes many niche cologne-style fragrances that cost two or three times more.

It speaks volumes that my previous review of a designer fragrance was also from Dior, when I heralded the magnificent new Dior Sauvage as “wild and wearable”. The artistic elements of designer perfumery may be dying, but even in a vulgar age great art can be discovered.


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