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Comme des Garçons – Series 2: Red – Harissa

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This one has been around for a while, it was launched in 2001. Based on the  famous fiery Moroccan spice of the same name, Harissa starts off with a spicy tomato note, but you are not going to smell like your favorite salsa. I find the tomato accent not really that pronounced. It’s more the fruity (blood orange) aspect that comes across to my nose. It is warm and spicy yet fruity without being overly sweet.

Much more of a complex mix than a lot of the light fruit basket fragrances that seem to had the fragrance market covered at some stage. I personally very much like the orange/pepper heart note that does last sufficiently long on my skin before the heavier spice base notes set in (cardamom, nutmeg). I can still smell the fresh leaf/fruit note even that far into the fragrance, whereas those usually disappear fairly quickly.

For me, it’s the lovely combination of the fruity blood orange, some tomato leaves and the peppery spices that are there, but do not overpower the fragrance which made the decision to get a full bottle fairly easy.

Where I live, we have a long (LONG) hot summer and ‘Harissa’ is just right to add some spice here and there. I don’t care much about the deodorant-like bottle, but it’s the content that counts. Recommended.

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