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Caron – La Sélection – Lady Caron

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I bought my bottle of ‘Lady Caron’, because I liked the story behind the fragrance. It goes like that:

Ernest Daltroff, founder of the house of Caron, fled from Third Reich Nazi Germany and arrived as an immigrant in New York. He saw the Statue of Liberty and decided then to show his gratitude to the country that gave him freedom by dedicating a perfume to it.

Unfortunately, he did not have the time to keep his promise, but when Patrick Alès took over Caron in the late 1990s and read Ernest Daltroff’s memoirs, he decided to make his dream reality: Lady Caron was born! (Info: Essenza Nobile).

Now the fragrance is not what I expected. It’s a big white floral with the trio of Jasmin, Magnolia and Neroli for starters. Continuing with a fruity heart which includes raspberry and peach, before the base sets in with oakmoss and sandalwood. I definitely prefer the second half, where the sweetness has disappeared and fruit and woods have taken over.

The fragrance is so very well blended, that all my un-trained nose seem to smell is flower, heavy and sweet for the first, loud half and less sweet and a bit woody for the second half. This is one of those fragrances that I used to categorize as French perfume – so well blended that I can’t distinguish a single note.

The word ‘lady’ in the name should have given me the hint, that this fragrance is not for me. Had Ernest fled to France or maybe Italy – I would have expected a fragrance like ‘Lady Caron’, but to commemorate the first view of the Statue of Liberty – I hoped for something different.

All in all, you get a heavy and sweet white floral with decent longevity and sillage. (Anyone interested in swapping something for my bottle?)


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