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Bruno Fazzolari’s – Feu Secret: the floral blanket

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Somehow along this journey I’ve acquired a comfort scent and it’s none other than iris in its many fragrant forms. I was first introduced to iris on the designer side with Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense. Immediately, I was drawn to these “lipstick-powdery-makeup bag” smelling offerings, that most manly-man wouldn’t be caught dead in. Iris has always impressed me, because it’s soft, delicate, and one of those “your skin, but better” aromas. Having never been scared to smell like a makeup bag, Dior Homme Intense and I paired quite well, I’m comfortable in my own skin and DHI just made it smell that much better. So, early in my fragrance journey iris has always been that one note I’ve sought after the most, hardly ever is it done up to my standards. Queue my Holy Trinity; Iris de Nuit, Silver Iris Mist, and Xerjoff’s Irisss, I figured it couldn’t get much better than those three.

Feu Secret has not reinvented the iris-wheel, I’ll go right out and say that. What Bruno Fazzolari did create is a fragrance that is begging for a seat at the altar, rightfully so. Feu opens with a smoldering iris, authentic as I have ever smelled. It’s backed by violets and a rich, creamy, and carrot-y leather. The iris comes off sweet, with a sharp, yet non-metallic tinge. Feu isn’t too displaced from the other niche interpretations of iris I’ve experienced, it sticks to its woody-floral roots, by way of staying earthy, violet-y, and slightly dirty. The birch tar aides in putting out the coolness that I can’t quite discern what notes I’m smelling. It’s a pity I don’t get all the suggested spices popping off my skin, but by the mid-to-dry down, I get a sweet, woody, vanillic skin scent, that is exactly how I hoped – my skin, but better.

Feu Secret is your favorite book that you’ve read a hundred times, but you keep opening it up, because it wraps you up with its familiarity and puts you to sleep at night. I understand how this could be nothing different for other iris lovers, but for those that find iris as comforting as I, Feu is a must try.


Hi I am Narada! I discovered my love for all things fragrant after two years of living in France and running out of my sole bottle of cologne that I took with me, YSL L'Homme. Probably the greatest place on earth to run out of your signature scent. I tried to visit every perfumerie from Spain, all the way to Hungary. So, many of my reviews, stories and shorts may reference my travels. Enjoy!

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