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Boadicea The Victorious – Energizer

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Energizer__18746.1405405439.300.400Boadicea The Victorious is a British luxury fragrance brand. Created by British artisans, the perfume collection is meant to celebrates ancient courage and power. It is “a unisex brand that is a fusion of tradition, heritage and timeless classic luxury, with an edgy, modern twist” (from the website).

My first ‘test object’ from the BTV line is called ‘Energizer‘. Definitely a fitting name as this fragrance starts with a blast of citrus (lime, pink grapefruit, bergamot), continues with Petitgrain before leading over to a base of vetiver and musk.

I really like the citrus beginning. It is strong without being too sharp (more grapefruit and bergamot than lemon as in a lot summer fragrances) – if only the fragrance could stay like that. I don’t very much care for the middle of the fragrance, even though I usually like petitgrain. There is just something slightly off to my nose. I can’t pinpoint the exact note that offends me and – as always – it might not offend you. The base – once again – is rather nice though very close to the skin.

The fragrance is promoted as very long lasting with great sillage. There is definitely a strong opening, but it doesn’t last as long as I had hoped for. As an eau de parfum, it does have more staying power than your run-of-the-mill summer cologne, that’s for sure.

Overall, the bottle design and the whole make-up of the brand is very dramatic and with all that emphasis on ‘luxury’ the prices are as expected – high. Now I wouldn’t mind having one of those bottles in my collection, but I will keep looking for a more special, unusual fragrance from this perfume house. ‘Energizer’ is an ok fresh fragrance (if you just ignore the middle) with probably a nicer, stronger opening than most and a bit more longevity than most fresh fragrances, but that wouldn’t warrant a full bottle in my books.

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