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Bellodgia going mainstream = Più Bellodgia

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Più BellodgiaCarnation? Where is the carnation?

There will always be loads of people who associate the scent of carnations with an old fashioned, granny smell. Maybe because it is not a fragrance that comes up in a lot of modern, hip perfumes.

I can live with that. I adore everything carnation and I have cherished Bellodgia for a long time. This now, the Più Bellodgia, is the re-vamped version – the modern take on the classic from 1927.

The ingredients sound similar, there is carnation, rose, jasmine and some lily of the valley, with cloves and woods to follow on – yet it starts and stays a lot fresher, lighter and much more generic in my opinion. It’s a fresh flowery/woody mix missing a lot of the wonderful spicy sweetness which is basically the heart of the ‘old’ Bellodgia. Più Bellodgia is not a bad fragrance over all – but for something with ‘Bellodgia’ in the name I would have expected something more. It might be a different experience for someone who hasn’t met the classic Bellodgia beforehand, but I have to say: If you like carnation, I suggest to try the ‘real’ Bellodgia.


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