Baruti Perfumes: Dama Koupa…A Macaroon delight!

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Three Cheers for Baruti’s Dama Koupa, Bravo I say three times. When I first saw the notes for Dama Koupa I was immediately intrigued or better yet the main note which is a Macaroon. I absolutely adore macaroons. My first experience with Macaroons came from a general cultural mislabeling as a ‘cookie’ which left me unimpressed as well as uninterested until the day I tried Macaroons with the assistance of some very good brandy my friend introduced to me who hails from Scotland. So, finally evolving as an ‘aesthetically correct-culturally correct’ citizen of the world it no longer defined as a cookie but a lighter than air masterful French confection with remnants of coconut, vanilla etc… you know the rest and what have you. So, returning to the subject of Macaroons, it is a perfume note in Dama Koupa. Actually, it is the featured note which makes this all that much more interesting.


Consider Dama Koupa as an ‘Woody-Floral-Confection-Oriental’. Besides the warm soft palette driven Macaroon note in this splendid fragrance the ancillaries come to the rescue-or shall I say-come to the party to make this a real festive experience. There is a subtle Iris note which alone is powerful enough to dominate a fragrance but in Dama Koupa just the right amount is utilized to buddy up with the Macaroon. Also, keeping consistent with the festivities Baruti decides to throw in some Osmanthus which makes the initial opening intense.

You will describe the opening as Macaroons and Suede, Macaroons and Cookie Dough, Macaroons with Suede and cookie dough or better yet how about Macaroons with a shot of Brandy and Suede. Indeed, Brandy, Macaroon and Suede is the most accurate term to describe this: ‘Woody-Floral-Confection-Oriental’ moonlighting as a soothing and dressy liqueur. Dama Koupa elicits this warm and fuzzy feeling at first sniff which is very soothing. You can almost feel the Macaroons weaving in between the Iris and Osmanthus adding layers of depth within its scent which is really an optimum feeling that is indescribable until you sample this.


While Macaroons, Iris and Osthmanthus are all the rave of the Dama Koupa let us not forget the Beeswax and Fir absolute. In the latter stages the Beeswax and Fir arrive opposite Iris and Osmanthus. Actually, it is a literal game in Tug-of-War. Each pulling for its own existence. Iris, Osmanthus vs Beeswax and Fir. No matter how juxtaposed the Tug-of-War may seem they all work in unison providing the Macaroon allows it! The latter stage brings a tart but refreshing liqueur smell. It almost seems like a tart citrus but it is more liqueur on the rocks. I’m very serious about this. It is sooo good this dry down. If I can describe how it smells let’s just say Dama Koupa has that classic appeal like Grey Flannel cologne of the 80’s which had that wonderful Tart smell. Dama Koupa brings that same nostalgia but fast forward into 2016 when it was introduced and leaving a trail of followers into 2017. There is also some Musk, Amber and White woods but only at a delicate balance. They provide the dark oriental notes however the oriental is more akin to dusk than nocturnal. Dama has its down and dirty oriental side but that comes later. Instead of the smoky feel with the Orientals it is Furry alongside the prominent notes.  The Macaroon is still present at the dirty oriental stage beckoning me to sniff repeatedly.


In conclusion, Dama Koupa is different but not strange as some have described it. But if you are of the Confections-Macaroon type, that adores the ‘Twists and Turns’ of life, fragrance is sitting exactly at your doorstep….Dama Koupa!

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