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Howdy! I'm a musician- teacher with an insatiable thirst for virtually all epicurean pursuits. Fate has pushed me far & wide and I'm reasonably settled with a wonderful lil family near Amsterdam. I suppose I like to smell good...

Aeon001 – groovy bottle but what has Liechtenstein done for me lately?

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There are so many new niche operation springing up around the stinkosphere these past few years, I’ve basically given up keeping track or even caring anymore. The law of diminishing returns applied to trends means that as the hype grows, the products that result from it is usually pretty crap. This is particularly true in the niche, or rather Nu-Niche™ perfumery hyper hype going around. So when I heard about aeon001  –  apparently from Liechtenstein of all places  –  I didn’t take note until a friend  “Nunzio”  showed a photo of the bottle that left him flabbergasted (and Nunzio is not easily flabbergasted! In fact in spite of his impeccable frag cachet, he’s been quite blasé lately….) He maintains that “There are two [most important] things for a fragrance: it has to smell good and it has to look good. Period.” Hmmm….although I keep most of my frag stash in drawers and rarely look at them, on this occasion the flashy,  singular look of the vessel had my curiosity piqued. And, according to Nunzio’s math, we were already halfway there. Result? A rather expensive blindbuy on which to blow some of my xmas salary bonus. KEEP ON READING

Diorella – Edmond the Great’s Magnum Opus

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Truth & Knowledge : Once Upon a Transcendent Realm ~ James Martinez

Edmund Roudnitska is my favourite nose of all time. He managed, in his long career, to create fragrances that not only smelled great but always had something important to say. And when it comes to any art, that should be the defining criteria of: it’s got something to say. From his first effort Rochas Femme in 1942 to his swansong Ocean Rain in 1990, and everything in between, Roudnitska managed to bend the natural and newly emerging synthetics to his formidable creative will, all bearing his indelible signature. KEEP ON READING

Sarrasins – Transcendent Indolic Summer Beauty

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Science & Technology

One of the challenges of travel is deciding what few frags will accompany you for the duration. I tend to regard season, occasion, duration and luggage space into the equation. This summer we headed to my best friend’s house on the Turkish Aegean coast. It would be informal. And hot. My picks were simple: Mona Di Orio Vetyver, vintage Dior Eau Fraiche, Fragonard Cologne Grand Luxe, Pekji EauMer for daytime and Serge Lutens Sarrasins for the nights. What an inspired decision that would be, because although I’ve come to know and love Sarrasins, the extreme sultry, salty heat brought out facets that were previously unknown to me. Lemme explain….. KEEP ON READING

Jul et Mad Garuda

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Lost Hindu Temple, Indonesia free images – World free images

I acquired Garuda last week. Bought it blind, and y’all know how that can turn out (but that’s part of the fun, no?)

I went for it although Jul et Mad had never made anything that much appealed to me. Until now.

I have worn Garuda seven days in a row. It’s been ages since a new perfume made me do cartwheels. And it’s a timely reminder that there is still the possibility of new great fragrances being released, by a new wave of young perfumers such as in this case, Luca Maffei. I am very much looking forward to trying the other two in the just-released “New White” collection, Nea and Nin-Shar. KEEP ON READING


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It’s no secret to my best fraggy friends that this year I’ve been on a particular perfume quest…..

……The Quest For GREEN

Everyone has certain notes and accords that resonate and add ‘flavour’ to the whole olfactory experience. Some like their patchoulis, roses, ambers, smokeys, etc etc.   Others are partial to categories such orientals, soliflores, chypres, floral, aromatics. What about colour? There are no ‘reds’, no ‘purples’, no ‘blues’ in perfumery (yet!), but there are mos def greens. And I love ‘em. KEEP ON READING

Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum – a walk through the monastery’s vegetable patch

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Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum – a walk through the monastery’s vegetable patch


Food & Drink
Rhubarb Red Champagne – 1 Litre Pot | Garden Bargains

We all associate the perfumes we wear with something. It’s very rare to cover yourself in a particular scent and not make any reference to a prior experience or object. What are you wearing right now? What does it make you think of? That is a powerfully evocative tool, people!   It is certainly one of the primary attractions of this passion: one smell of Vero Onda and I’m at my grandma’s house 30 years ago; Slumberhouse Norne takes me hunting with my dad every Friday after school in the fall; Xeryus is something I always wore when playing jazz gigs in the 80s and if I wore it right now, I’d be ready to play even if I wasn’t; the new Unum Lavs is utterly like the masses I was forced to endure as a kid. Etcetera. KEEP ON READING

Blask by Humiecki & Graef: Beautiful Weirdo

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Night glow kevin dooley / Foter / CC BY

We fume junkies are all familiar to some degree with “The Classics”. A classic chypre is Guerlain’s Mitsouko, for example, a classic oriental Opium, a classic floral Patou Joy, a classic Fougere Azzaro pour Homme, a classic leather Cuir de Russie, and so on and so forth.  And sometimes it seems as if most modern fragrances seek only to replay, tweak, scramble, and otherwise stay within these pigeonholes of the classic categories simply because it’s safe(ish) and  generally familiar to the public.  When they succeed, like with Jubilation 25 as a new chypre, then it’s glorious. When they don’t, well….we all know examples of abject failures, don’t we? KEEP ON READING

Here Comes the Sun: Ambre Nuit, Eau du Sud, and Eau Mer

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End Of The World - Dungeness Simon & His Camera / Foter / CC BY-ND

Ambre Nuit by Dior Privee

It’s no rarity in the niche world to have a fragrance name at odds with its contents. Le Labo is legendary for that, as both Rose 31 and Ylang 49 can attest to. Patricia de Nicolai’s recent Amber Oud was patently devoid of either amber or oud. And to many who have worn Ambre Nuit by Dior Privee, the same brush applies: where the hell is the amber?  Well, it’s there, friends, you just have to be patient, and perhaps shift expectations of what an ‘amber’ fragrance is. KEEP ON READING

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