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Sultan Pasha Attars…”For their cup runneth over”…Hail Anatolia!

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Sultan Pasha attars is a very luxurious perfume house from the UK that specializes in pristine quality perfume oil compositions that rival most expensive niche perfumes. The craftsmanship is so good,.. so pristine, precise…that it is akin to a cup of a wine spilling over at the most opportune times. The scents are so inebriating it really feels like you have been over indulging but the nice thing is there is hangover. Sultan Pasha is a must try for those who want to take a step above-in the name of fragrance- the current offerings in the niche market. Feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the myriad of Oriental and French Oriental candidates, Sultan Pasha offers a broad range of the aforementioned  culprits with dynamic possibilities. KEEP ON READING

You have NEVER quite smelled anything like this before…The Chariots of Love Collection from Tabacora Parfums.

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The Chariots of Love Collection by Tabacora Perfumes will usher you to Providence in 2016 faster than any other acclaimed perfume or arcane route taken. Tabacora Perfumes, they are indeed that much more Mystifying. The experience is akin to the ‘Metaphysical’ as pure unadulterated Concentrated Perfume Oil dances oh so effortlessly on the skin serenading it with beautiful notes of resins, woods, ambers, florals, spices, herbs and a special duet courtesy of Gurjum (Balsam) and Cypriol (Nagarmotha). The quality of the perfumes are uncompromising but amazingly regal splendor and unapologetically Oriental. The scent of the orient is captured almost lifelike utilizing the themes: KEEP ON READING

The Royal Perfume of Dubai. A perfect union blending East & West.

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The Royal

While recently in Dubai I was feeling more like the hailed CNN-TeleJournalist Anthony Bourdain in the cult masterpiece show ‘Parts unknown’ but in this particular situation there is only a slight twist, I would like to call it Parfum unknown, After spending endless hours sniffing and re-sniffing all the latest Gulf perfumes from UAE and imports from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatr at several locations inside Dubai/UAE: (Dubai Mall, Perfume Souq, Sharjah, Fujairah, Deira, Mall of the Emirates and Global Village). My curiosity led me to an upcoming niche brand that blended both the Traditional as well as the modern Arabian-Oriental scent with the intricacies of modern French perfumery as. KEEP ON READING

The only New Years “Oudh” resolution you’ll need for 2016 is Almas Al ‘Leather Oud’

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Oudh & Leather, Leather & Oudh. It has become a staple of the niche perfume industry of late with endless variations spawned at a winks notice. We have seen and smelled them all to the point of no return where little ground is left to explore or even conquer. Leather-Oudh-Rose..Leather-Oudh-Florals..Leather-Oudh-Incense and you can almost guess where this analogy is headed thus far. So now its 2016 so where else can you take this combination, what else can be accomplished? Arriving early into the beginning hours of 2016 is Almas Al’s stimulating elixir: Leather Oudh. KEEP ON READING

Jeroboam..and the opulence of ‘Oriento’. A Classic redefined!

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Finally, the long anticipated wait is over as Jeroboam, one of the new perfume houses introduced at the 2015 Pitti Fragranze exhibition brings it’s eclectic as well as chic modern perfume extracts to the Macrocosm known as Niche perfumery. Jeroboam, which one could lazily conclude is an offshoot of Jovoy Perfumes, brings an interesting concept to the forefront by experimenting with quality raw materials at 25% extracts and nifty 30ml sized bottles that cater to what they refer to as the Urban Nomad. The Urban Nomad would be the ‘Uber‘ perfumista who dares to carry his/her juice in their daily travels. KEEP ON READING

Halfeti by Penhaligon’s of London…Introducing: The Black Mystical Rose

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Halfeti is a very opulent, mysterious and mind-blowing oriental scent built around a rose scent that you have not heard much about in 2015 until now. This scent, Halfeti, named after a Village in Turkey where Black Roses grow is emphatically something special. The Black rose of Halfeti is considered an endangered species but upon first whiff of this splendid scent one would never know by the way Penhaligon’s allied perfumer Christian Provenzano-A FiFi Award winner for his work on Agent Provocateur-masterfully fuses ’15’ different notes to create a masterpiece by some preliminary estimations. Halfeti, really lives up to it’s own hype. KEEP ON READING

Attar Collection and The Queen of Sheeba…arrive with Fawah!

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The legend of the Queen of Sheeba lives on oh so vicariously in Attar Collection’s latest spellbinding ‘Floriental’ women-unisex elixir that instantly turns ambrosia-food of the gods-into sludge..literally. The Queen of Sheeba lives vicariously in the aggressive manner in which the attar notes with Fawah (meaning depth of scent), are arranged so perfectly to make the standard exemplary floriental perfume and soon possibly to be export for the ever-expanding Niche Frangrant explosion that presently brings us an exclusive such as this one; The Queen of Sheeba. KEEP ON READING

Amber Flash…and the G-R-O-W-I-N-G Cult of Tauerville

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tauerville amber flash

You just love how Andy Tauer does it time and again. From L’Air Du Desert Marocain to Vetiver Dance, Incense Extreme, and to the recent and wildly popular success of the Tauerville ‘Flash’ series the gap between mere mortals making perfume and Andy Tauer is widening-naturally-by default but it’s supposed to be that way.

Andy Tauer is way up ‘here’ whilst everyone else is still scrambling, and assembling to miraculously discovery an itinerary. With the subtle encroachment of The Tauerville Flash series in the bourgeoning niche perfume market they have done that-and then some-with their latest wonder: Amber Flash. And by all means it is wonder, a magnificent amber kind of wonder. KEEP ON READING

PHOENICIA by HEELEY…an Incense for all the ages

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For their latest release Heeley Perfumes of Paris return to antiquity relishing the days of the great Phoenician civilization who existed along the mediterranean coastal areas of Syria, Lebanon and Northern Israel. Although it is a tributary fragrance to an civilization that existed thousands of years ago, today it is an once in a lifetime classic incense masterpiece in that attempts to capture what the Phoenicians were known exclusively for in those days: Seafaring and Trade.

As seafarers, the Phoenicians were expert sailors and craftsman that built some of the best custom-made ships so it is makes sense that Heeley would choose such an interesting cast of wood notes which is that of Agarwood-Oudh, Sandlewood, Birchwood and Javan Vetiver. KEEP ON READING

Fueguia 1833 Patagonia – Lago del Desierto…From Argentina to the world

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Lago del Desierto is like nothing you have smelled before…really.

Socrates, one of the worlds greatest mensa candidates once said “The unexamined life isn’t worth living”. With Fueguia’s 1833 mass array of perfumes Socrates motivating credo fits oh so perfectly. From Argentina, Fueguia 1833 brings the world another dimension of raw ingredients, exotic fauna, scent blends, and mystical elixirs native to South America that have never been experienced until now. KEEP ON READING

Oud Palao and Diptyque’s magnificent game of ‘Firsts’

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Diptyque’s surprising but welcomed foray into the crowded Oudh arena could not have come at a better time in 2015 with just 2 months left until it’s 2016. In 2015, we have seen a spawn of Oudh’s come and go quietly into the night as if they were never there while others still linger in obscurity leaving not so much a better fate than the former. But the Oudh’s who are maintaining their presence have managed to survive by sticking to the tried and trusted formulas and no deviating from acknowledged norms, like: Oudh, Rose, Leather, Incense, Vetiver, some Cardamom- a dash of Vanilla-you know, stuff like that. Not so with Oud Palao. KEEP ON READING

Patchouli Nosey Be by Perris Monte Carlo….A most perfect modern ‘Patchouriental’

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Patchouli Nosey Be is probably one of the most unique modern oriental Patchouli scents to hit the market in the last few years. It really is that majestic.  From the quality of the raw materials sourced by Perris Monte Carlo in this undertaking and-just-seven ingredients you would expect a typical linear mass marketed patchouli corruption but not so with this, Nosey Be is to be eons different. Before the differences are ascertained, one must take notice of the special cultivation process this perfume house engages in to bring you such potent, crisp, and beautiful juice. From fragrances such: Patchouli Nosey Be-Oud Imperial-Ylang Ylang Nosey be and others, the potency and quality of Perris Monte Carlo perfumes are unrivaled. KEEP ON READING

The Olympiad of Oudh: Zafeer Oud Vanille by Alexandre. J

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The Olympiad of Oudh: Zafeer Oud Vanilla:

With almost three months left of 2015 to finish, the Olympiad of Oudh continues as any and everyone makes a mad dash to the finish line to showcase their most cherished Agarwood fragrance before the winter solstice arrives. By December 22, 2015 we should all know who will wear the laurel and raise the torch for ‘Best Oudh of the year after holding our breaths for the fast 9 months because with Oudh it brings excitement and often triple-stage-induced-anxiety. It also brings unbridled anger. To some, the Oudh trend couldn’t come to an end fast enough but such short-sided sentiment quickly evaporates which brings attention to a spectacular Oudh that is everything short of brilliant. KEEP ON READING

Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffo….A sweet song called “RISE”

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Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffo

Acquasala is like a familiar song. A familiar song playing in our minds over and default. We replay it at every given moment humming the words, whistling the words, and even swinging our heads to this imaginary rhythm. My familiar song to Acquasala is “Rise” the Grammy nominated international smash hit by the iconic Herb Albert. In fact, Acquasala’s notes unfolds just like the monster Jazz hit serenading you with crisp Horns and Saxophone followed by warm by thumping bass and sweet-sweet piano grooves. Yes. Acquasala is just like the song by Herb Alpert. It is the song called Rise I finally discovered the sheer beauty of Acquasala. KEEP ON READING

Shhh….Be QUIET and scroll down..its L’Eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton

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Shhhh!….Be QUIET and scroll down..its L’Eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton

L'EAU Scandaleuse

Now that you have done the smartest thing so far in 2015-by scrolling down-lets keep tally of the Tuberose and Leather wars in the past years:

TNT- PK Perfumes

Miss Dior – Christian Dior

Kelly Caleche – Hermes

Vierges et Toreros – Etat Libre d’Orange

Fan di Fendi – Fendi

Shams Al Aseel – Al Rehab

Sound familiar or-unfamiliar-the Tuberose and Leather duet still plays on in all it’s fervor taking one down its bewitching and sometimes dangerous scented path leaving no room for the meek at heart..only the daring which L’Eau Scandaleuse is perfectly made for: THE DARING KEEP ON READING

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