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Hi, my name is Sjörn Plitzko and I am the ecommerce manager of the online store Essenza Nobile. I am from Germany, now 35 years old and - to be honest - never liked fragrances before. Until I found the perfect enviroment to grow my new love, once I started to work for Essenza in 2009. Now I am fully attached to the world of niche fragrance. I like it woody, dark, dirty, shiny, glowing, sparkling, fresh, balsamic, musky, ambery, spicy, floral and so much more - The love for scent is a just neverending journey - let's explore!

Lonesome Rider Review Series Pt 1: Andy Tauer’s new Fragrance won’t leave you lonesome for long…

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[Part 1 of a review series on the new Tauer Perfumes fragrance Lonesome Rider. Please find the other parts here: Part 2 – Neoxerxes | Part 3 – Claire | Part 4 – Narada –Available for purchase here]

One of the lessons you learn when you grow up, start a family with children, and enjoy an active social life, is the difference between being lonesome and being lonely. I have two wonderful kids, an adorable wife, and a job I like well enough, but when you’re in the position of having to communicate all day long with other people, you begin to realize that every moment on your own is precious. Don’t get me wrong – I would never want to miss a single moment of my  life with my family or my colleagues at  Essenza Nobile. I am grateful that I have all of this in my life. Nevertheless, I savour every single minute I have to myself. KEEP ON READING

[New Fragrance] Byredo’s Super Cedar – bottled Scandinavian Style?

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If you’ve ever been to Sweden in summer – no matter if you are male or female – I am sure you will have seen those blondes in their shiny white sundresses. If we translate this vision of loveliness into perfume, I guess most of us would think of soft skin fragrances, often flowery, musky, powdery and sheer –  perhaps like En Passant by Frédéric Malle, L’eau by Serge Lutens or Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi. However SUPER CEDAR, the brand new Byredo fragrance, also works just as well. SUPER CEDAR calls to mind images from Midsummer celebrations, late at night, when people express all their happiness and gratitude for the warmer days and a late sunset. Whilst a light flowery or sheer skin scent could capture the mornings and days of a Swedish summer, SUPER CEDAR is the late evening representation of this special time – socializing, whittling the hours away pleasantly and at complete ease, that feeling after the exuberant party as you cool down in the dying warmth of a summer night – simply, it is bottled Scandinavian style. KEEP ON READING

Mon Dieu, Monsieur! A new Frédéric Malle Experience

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Jean Paul Belmondo - Monsieur. a fragrance like composed for him
Jean Paul Belmondo - Monsieur. a fragrance like composed for him
Monsieur. A fragrance like composed for Jean Paul Belmondo himself.

Mon Dieu, mon Dieu – this release is a shocker! While I am writing this, I feel like Belmondo in the photo above. I am enjoying the new Frédéric Malle release “Monsieur.” Mon Dieu indeed – this is one of the rare, almost groundbreaking perfume experiences we all are living for (more or less). The first spray leaves you puzzled, enough so that you want to sit down and take a deep breath. This is exactly what “Monsieur” reminds me of: the movie “Breathless” by Jean Luc Goddard from 1960. “Monsieur” is film noir personified – virile elegance, with a touch of masculine drama, heck – this is the utterly French…. Michel (Jean Paul Belmondo) and his love for american idols and the hipness they radiate. This is the irrational, wild passion of an elegant slickster in love with Patricia, a young and vivid American girl. Crisp ties and classic thick suits are popping up in my mind, smelling this fragrance. Oh wait – please let me apologize, I’ve been taken on a flight of fancy. Yes, the fragrance – I guess it’s time to talk a bit about it: KEEP ON READING

Re-Romanticising Our Era With Fragrance

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“Everything in world can be represented in numbers and patterns”

(Quote from the movie PI)

Pi Movie Cover from 1998
Pi Movie Cover from 1998

It’s true – today’s world is more “real” than ever. The internet has accelerated the cognitive evolution of mankind to the point where information is not a question of knowledge anymore – reconnaissance is always available with the click of a mouse.  Every question can be answered on scientific level in a few seconds. We are living in a fantastic age of education – the fathers of enlightenment would be very proud of our achievements. But every step forward comes with some side effect, and how to judge those is a subject for another day. The abundance of always-available answers means the end of question marks and this is indeed a thing of wonder. Why are our kids living in such a marvelous world? It’s not really clear to us at the moment – and there is still so much to ponder… KEEP ON READING

Welcome to Fragrance Daily

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This project shall be one of its kind, it shall grow to more than just a fragrance review blog. FragranceDaily shall become a resource for indiependent fragrance reviews by true scent lovers. All authors have their own story, why fragrances came to be an important part of their life. This lifeblood flows into the word of their publications here.

You may say “Wait, did you say indiependent? I know that Essenza Nobile, an commercially minded online store, has the patronage for this project!”. Yes, that is correct. We host this project and we sell fragrances – and the most important thing: we are fragrance lovers ourselves. So we decided to take a new approach and reached out to talented fragrance reviewers. We give them the opportunity to test new fragrances on a regular base and write about them. Honest. No fake reviews. No sales pitch. Just true opinions by true afficionados. KEEP ON READING

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