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Interview With An Indie Star: Victor Wong of Zoologist.

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I recently interviewed a wonderful fellow by the name of Victor Wong about an upcoming niche/indie fragrance line called Zoologist that’s very popular in the fragrance community right now.

I wanted to know just how he pulled of such a successful line. In this interview he shared some of his secrets with me.


Aldous: So Victor, what do you do for a living? Is Zoologist your main job, a fulfilled dream, or is it something fun that you do as a passionate hobby?

Victor: Currently I am working full time for a toy company as a video game artist. Zoologist is my mid-life crisis remedial project, to be honest. Ha ha. (I still love video game graphics art though!) Zoologist is my biggest personal and business project I have ever worked on; it is a lot of fun, full of excitement, stress, panic, frustration, satisfaction, sleepless nights, collaboration…everything. KEEP ON READING

Luscious Roses: A cure for the heart.

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“JoAnne” I asked, “My hearts broken. I know you blend scents that heal metaphysically. I read it on your website. Can you help me?”

“Why yes,” she said. “Of course. I have something called Luscious Roses. Put a little on your chest above your heart daily. I’ll send you a sample. I hope it helps.”

I have never believed in any of the nonsense people say about healing via metaphysical means.

(Metaphysical: outside the realm of physical) KEEP ON READING

Interview With a Sage: JoAnne Bassett Couture Perfumer

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I recently had the great fortune of interviewing a wonderful friend of mine, Miss JoAnne Bassett. As an empathic person seeking the innefable in life I highly enjoy learning about people more in touch with those parts of the universe that cannot be touched by any regular means. Miss Bassett is one of these. Her interview below is beyond interesting and enlightening. I believe we all have these gifts if we only tap into them. I am most grateful for having such a unique and wonderful person on my facebook feed. She always has something enlightening to say and I cannot speak more highly of a person and their heart. JoAnne is a sweet, kind, intelligent and sage woman. I was grateful to be able interview her about her story, knowledge, passion and perfume. KEEP ON READING

A Beginner’s Guide to the Perfume World.

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“OMG yes!  If you do a newbie blog here is what newbies like to know (read it on Wikipedia but have heard about it!).  We do not know top, middle, basenotes.  We do not know what sillage  or “close to the skin” is.  Another word “cloying”.  What is Indie?  What is a “niche”, what is a “house”.  Etailers vs Retailers, EDT  EDP differentials and the whole categories “ambers” (amber send what they are or smell like – familiar run of the mill perfumes for examples would help too)” -K.L. KEEP ON READING

Interview With An Alchemist: The House of Orpheus

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I recently had the chance to interview a rather interesting fellow, indie perfumer Marcus McCoy from the House of Orpheus. Marcus has a style unlike any other’s. One based in the old world pursuit of Alchemy, and his scents do more than speak for themselves. Each one is altogether unique and and anciently beautiful in their own way. They are captivating, original, quality alchemical pursuits. I love them. So with that, I’m very pleased to have the honor of introducing my fellow fragrance aficionados too the House of Orpheus. KEEP ON READING

Perfume Appreciation 101: Enjoying Creed Vetiver Geranium

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Alright, before I start this, please don't hate me for backing up an underdog.

Serge Noire: The Night-Air Before Christmas.

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Noire is so rich, so beautiful, so festive I actually felt like putting up the Christmas Tree. Keyword, "felt."

Combating the Cold: Five Fragrances Gentlemen Need This Year.

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"Every man needs a good wood..."

A conversation between two women and one man about Heeley’s latest release. Bubblegum Chic.

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(From a conversation in three parts.)


Originally my plan was to write about a beautiful trio of fragrances from Frederic Malle. Geranium Pour Monsieur, French Lover, Bigarade Concentree. A Ropion, Ellena, and Bourdon. Absolutely stunning, provocative and almost ephemeral fragrances. But something else in my bag of samples came up, and I just had to write about it.

My favorite smell in the world….

Ah yes.

The smell of a stripper.

The eponymous scent of Heeley’s Bubblegum Chic; sweet, jasmine, pink, candy trash. KEEP ON READING

Xerjoff 1861

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An excerpt from a largely fictional, yet true conversation between two fragrance geeks.



Nat, I’m just gonna fly by the seat of my pants on this review and let my nose do the talking.

Alright with you?


No, no.

Think about it for a second.

Jim, honestly.

Let me do this.

I’ve been thinking about this scent for two years.

Jim: (completely oblivious to the two years of thought Nat put behind this review)

I did.

I promise. Swear. On Baby Jesus.

For like, the last four hours.

I walked around in the Historic district on the east end of Alameda island and took pictures of the Victorians while I tested it out. KEEP ON READING

The Perfect Aquatic?

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This is an aquatic of truly natural nature. Something that I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for, an accurate depiction of walking the shorelines of the sea.

Last month I walked several hundred miles up the Oregon coast. My nose bombarded everyday by many smells.

The salt in the air.

The dirty smell of brine and hot sands.

The sweet coldness of the sea.

The moss growing sympatically with the old trees that cover the coast as you move inland off of the sand.

Beautiful scents, beautiful memories in time, the perfect notes came together while I walking. KEEP ON READING

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