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Atelier Cologne’s Gold Leather: Fruity Goodness

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You are slumped on a Chesterfield sofa, cradling a tumbler of Bacardi in your hands.  You have just binged your way through a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes. Life is good. How do you smell?  Even better!  Atelier Cologne’s Gold Leather summons up exactly this image, with some plum and woods thrown into the mix.


Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter, creators and founders of Atelier Cologne, met in New York in 2006 and realized that they shared a passion for classic Eau de Cologne. Together, they created the first fragrance house entirely dedicated to cologne—colognes so special that they are meant to be worn as pure perfumes. Since then, they have become darlings of the niche world, creating high quality, well-blended fragrances each centered around a core note (vetiver, vanilla, neroli, etc.).

The featured note of Gold Leather is, of course, leather.  In this case a fruited leather. I do not know why a fruit note is so often paired with leather– I am thinking of the raspberry in Tuscan Leather, more plum in Cuiron, etc.,–it seems an odd combination to me.  That said, when it is done well–as it is here–it can result in a dynamic scent.  Gold Leather opens with fruit and booze with the base of woods and leather not too far behind.  The fruit here is an initial orange marmalade note that smells to me like chocolate Jaffa Cakes, giving way to an almost fermented plum note, which by definition seems a bit Japanese to me.  A eucalyptus note keeps the fruit dry and pairs well with the boozy rum.


A fragrance called Gold Leather should be centered around that note and while this is definitely a leather scent, there are lots of woods in the base, with the Gaiac wood, Cedar and Agarwood/Oud.  Gold Leather has all of the quality that Atelier Cologne scents are known for and smells very rich and natural.  For a “cologne absolue,” While I like my leather a little less fruity, this is a great example of the genre, well done and very nice.

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  1. How delightful to see you here on FD! And I’m always pleased to hear about a new leather scent, or about Jaffa Cakes for that matter. Put them together? Sure even better.

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