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Atelier Cologne Silver Iris – a Candy Iris

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Twisted Multicolored Candy On Sticks

Atelier Cologne is one of the perfume houses that during last years gave to fragrance community some interesting and quit different interpretation of various ingredients like: vanilla, amber, orange/citrus notes, vetiver , oud. When it was iris time Silver Iris came out bottled in silver and I was wondering how cold this iris will be knowing well about the coldness of iris from Serge Luten’s Iris Silver Mist. 

Taking into consideration the name and the bottle my expectations were around a cold and abstract representation of iris. Instead you will discover right from the beginning a delicious sweet fruity fragrance with a very slight powdery candied violet tone reminding me about make-up. Not too much coldness, at least not as much as I expected , the tangerine and blackcurrant being responsible of bringing sunshine to the austere iris.

Silver Iris is a sweet almost gourmand iris representation which is not very common, the silver in the title is much more sugar than silver.  From this perspective it is an interesting scent and can be much more interesting if you are into gourmand scents but on the other hand you should not expect further development on the skin.

It is a linear scent, telling the same story from the very first minute until the last tones, lasting about 7-8 hours on the skin. It has a good silage (cologne absolue concentrated at 18% according to Atelier Cologne) which is a nice performance for a Atelier Cologne scent.

The story behind the fragrance is about the moment when the tough metal woman of intimidating beauty meets the “ absolu man”. Silver Iris was not so successful in bringing out great emotions while wearing it. Instead it is a easy to wear feminine fragrance, I find it not so appropriate for the metal woman but nice on candy girl.

If you are looking for a nice, sweet and cozy everyday scent Silver Iris can be all that you need. It is not at all a complicated fragrance being easy to wear all year maybe except summertime when the sweet fruity powdery notes can be too much . Maybe fall can be it’s favorite time of the year.

Silver Iris Atelier Cologne 2013

Perfumer : Jerome Epinette

Notes: tangerine from Italy, pink pepper from China, blackcurrant from Burgund, violet leaves from Grasse, Iris Pallida from Tuscany, mimosa from Grasse, patchouli from Indonesia, white amber, tonka bean from Brazil

My name is Alexandra , I’m a pharmacist working as a consultant in pharma and healthcare living in Romania. I’ve been always fascinated by the world of scents , perfume and horses being my hobbies . I m interested in the perception of the perfume and in discovering the emotions perfume is triggering , focusing less about the notes of a perfume . My fragrance reviews are based on my perception being an subjective olfactory experience so, please always sample yourself.

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