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TzoraAnat Fritz is a German designer of knitted hats and other female accessories. She states on her website, that she likes to use traditional and folkloristic elements from her Hungarian-Romanian-Jewish family background in her designs. In 2006, Anat launched her first self titled fragrance to follow up with Tzor’a in 2012.

Tzor’a was created by Geza Schön, whom I already mentioned in my post about Saskia Diez’ fragrances ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’. The name Tzor’a stems from an ancient area of land in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The fragrance itself starts with orange, clary sage, bergamot and peruvian pepper. I personally cannot smell too much orange and it’s certainly not sweet orange, that’s for sure. I smell a lot of pepper, bergamot and clary sage – very herbaceous and green.

My nose doesn’t detect too much of the listed flowery middle notes of magnolia, osmanthus and jasmine. I still smell green and herbs with the pepper softening over time. As base notes, I read cedarwood, vetiver, patchouly, musk and moss – that’s more in line to what my nose is smelling. Nothing stands out, this is a well rounded mix with quite good staying power.

I definitely like the bitter herb and pepper combination. It is late spring here, the grass is starting to dry and the hay season will start in a few weeks. Tzor’a is the perfect fragrance for the season. A welcome change from the heavier winter fragrances. Great for the office as well, not over the top, but still different.

— And now comes the bad part —

I really don’t like the ‘wrapping’. I can understand where the idea comes from with Anat being a knitted hat designer originally, but the knitting around the bottle is a bit too minimalistic or homely for me. The name is written on a piece of fabric (looks similar to a band aid) and sown onto the knitting. The cap is an ugly clear plastic cover which made me think at first that maybe there is a fancy cover (a knitted little hat…?) somewhere in the parcel and I am meant to replace the plastic once home, but no such thing. So – I will cut off the knitting, because it makes the bottle so slippery, you can’t hold and spray properly. I have read somewhere that this is a unisex fragrance. That might be right for the fragrance, but I don’t think a man will find the slippery knitting cover appealing either.

Anyway – I like the fragrance so I am willing to overlook the bottle attire.



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