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Amber Flash…and the G-R-O-W-I-N-G Cult of Tauerville

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You just love how Andy Tauer does it time and again. From L’Air Du Desert Marocain to Vetiver Dance, Incense Extreme, and to the recent and wildly popular success of the Tauerville ‘Flash’ series the gap between mere mortals making perfume and Andy Tauer is widening-naturally-by default but it’s supposed to be that way.

Andy Tauer is way up ‘here’ whilst everyone else is still scrambling, and assembling to miraculously discovery an itinerary. With the subtle encroachment of The Tauerville Flash series in the bourgeoning niche perfume market they have done that-and then some-with their latest wonder: Amber Flash. And by all means it is wonder, a magnificent amber kind of wonder.

One’s estimation is that Amber Flash will set a new standard of excellence for succeeding amber scents, especially with the clean and ethereal kind of which Amber Flash is. Amber Flash is a smooth and mellow ‘White’ scent. Tauer uses only six ingredients for this creation and manages to leave plenty of pleasant uncovering layers of light animalic tones, neutral vanilla, crisp and clean pachouli followed by benzoin. It is a clean and potent White kind of amber with hints of Arctic air and pristine white musk.

The sillage and projection is of the highest quality using premium extracts of Labdanum which exudes a very faint smokiness that hides behind the amber giving it an incredible depth to the scent. Then it turns a little animalic but more of the fleeting and subtle kind as it works through Benzoin and creamy notes of sandalwood.

Amber Flash also has Pachouli but the notes from this brand of Pachouli are very intriguing. Usually, a rough earthy edge would be detected from Pachouli in most perfumes but this a ‘Tauer’ brand of Pachouli…and remember was it not Andy Tauer that said ‘Tauerville is Funville-Enjoy? So the Pachouli extract chosen to encompass the amber to give it a soft but potent edge is everything fun. It has more of a wool fabric taste when it mixes in with the Labdanum. Nice, smooth and comforting Amber Flash is.

Finally, Amber flash adds some Casherman aka ‘Cashmere’ woods. With the addition of Casherman behind the vanilla, labdanum and Benzoin Amber Flash turns is now mouth watering warm and delicious. Rich Labdanum, Sandlewood, Vanilla and Pachouli are the hallmarks of this fragrance which gives it its undeterred projection. It has a lingering-mild- sweetness which makes this all the more enjoyable. Amber Flash is a work of art in that it just might be the shining star of the Flash series as the popularity of this strategic line continues to grow and hopefully continues to expand. We could all use a little Oud Flash at some point in the near future!

Incense Flash, Vanilla Flash and Rose Flash are very solid choices but its something about this Tauergville brand amber thats is really special. Try it and you will see. Amber Flash is all you can imagine in a scent: Length-Width-Depth…Bon Apetite!



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