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Al-Kimiya – Layla

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Al-Kimiya-LaylaThis fragrance is beautiful. For me, this one has got the lot: Warm spicy amber with cloves, nutmeg and cedar. It has a gourmand note, but not too strong or too sweet due to the added spicyness. It is a unique fragrance which is strong to start with (no citrus or fresh flowers anywhere) and then mellows beautifully with some added ylang-ylang, musk, ambergris and patchouli.

This one is definitely not for the heat wave or the gym, but otherwise I would wear this to any outing as it is a very well made perfume. Perfect for a big occasion and to leave quite an impression, but all in class.

The bottle looks heavy and smooth – very fitting.

Now – I would get a full bottle for myself without much hesitation, but this one – unfortunately – is out of my financial range. I am not saying it’s not worth its price, that’s always hard to judge.

Al-Kimiya is avaible at Essenza Nobile



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