Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffo….A sweet song called “RISE”

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Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffo

Acquasala is like a familiar song. A familiar song playing in our minds over and default. We replay it at every given moment humming the words, whistling the words, and even swinging our heads to this imaginary rhythm. My familiar song to Acquasala is “Rise” the Grammy nominated international smash hit by the iconic Herb Albert. In fact, Acquasala’s notes unfolds just like the monster Jazz hit serenading you with crisp Horns and Saxophone followed by warm by thumping bass and sweet-sweet piano grooves. Yes. Acquasala is just like the song by Herb Alpert. It is the song called Rise I finally discovered the sheer beauty of Acquasala.

In it’s own way Acquasala is a song of redemption because creatively it takes a much needed detour among the expanding myriad of the ‘Aqua-Oceanic fresh scent genre to solidify-a more than likely-nod for a FIFI fragrance Award nomination as best new Niche fragrance. With Acquasala, the time has finally come, it is that much remarkable.

While complex, subtle, enchanting, eclectic and ethereal as well as sea note worthy, Acquasala is a superior unisex fragrance hand tailored with ubiquity for the perfume connoisseur who warrants more,..more..and even a little more non-linear aesthetics to their aqua scents. In 2015 the ‘Fresh’ scent has become mundane and a wee bit tired for most tastes to the point where we all join in and say… what else is next. So, thats where Acquasala enters. In short, Acquasala is for the thinker who belong to the cultural ‘Juice’ zeitgeist., it makes you think. This fragrance is for the introspective. The ingredients alone are arranged so brilliantly and with such meticulous perfection while courted with craftsmanship it makes it virtually impossible for anyone and everyone not to desire a ground breaking fragrance like Acquasala.

Besides a smooth haute-couture square glass bottle with a stunning Marble stone top created by Gabreilla’s Marketing-Design Juggernaut team called the Utopya Minds Lab, Acquasala is perfume expertly defined in 4 parts:

1 part…resinous

1 part…Spices. Think the warmest of spices

1 part…Woody, but without the wood.

1 part…Aquatic

….plus all the while wrapped in seaweed.

With all four elements arranged, Gabriella goes beyond alchemy, magic and superstition, if you will. This time, instead of thinking outside of the box Gabriella invents a brand new-Acquasala.

Neroli is chosen to lead off this quintessential creation. The typical Bergamot and Mandarin is abandoned and for good reason. Gabriella demands that you think and so does her marketing team: The Utopya Mind Squad! Neroli is the perfect choice to start with this aquatic perfume. It compliments the Seaweed and Elemi as the scent shifts from sharp aquatic citrus to stunning-while powerful- sea notes. The seaweed brings the salty water green effect while the calm resinous-Vanilla-spicy mood of elemi becomes apparent. Elemi is making a comeback in the fragrance industry after being utilized often in Arabic and Oriental perfumes.

Then the mineral water effects of Iris is used with Black Pepper, Nutmeg and Caraway. Now, Acquasala has the spicy effects of warm tea but oh no, she is far from finished! She adds some resins to give you the wet sand effect from the seaweed, Iris and Neroli. Incense and Myrrh bring stern resinous flavor but never harsh which makes Acquasala more interesting. At certain points the woody-resin combination is more ashy than smoky. Like smoldering firewood by the sea. The woody effect is captured with Pachouli and the synthetic note of Casherman. Add some Musk. Oaks and amber to intensify the scent shifting it from a Neroli-Seawood-Mineral like presence into warm and wet earthy caramel spice notes. The wood and resins arrive in perfect tuning to catapult the whole fragrance into stunning fruition.

To be very frank Acquasala smells exactly like as if one were standing on the beach or ocean at the break of dusk and inhaling all of the mysterious scents of the nautical environment at once…unfiltered. Acquasala is really very good. It is worth the voyage in olfactory kinetics. Aquasala is presence, Acquasala is one of a kind, Acquasala is here….Now ‘Rise’ like the song



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